X22rumble X22rumbleRumbleverse is launching onto Low Key Key, a brand-new location for Season Two! Play for free as you fight it out on a tropical vacation in this 40-person Brawler Royale where anyone can be …. This is the final battle and the 2024 election will decide once. You will see an option on the bottom right corner of your rumble home screen. Here I will post education video's for my friends who found me on Dave's X22 Report. Ep 2977b – The Beginning Of The End, News Unlocks Past, Trump Sends Message. - Published in top peer reviewed journals with world renowned physicians. Soon Biden will not be able to explain what is happening to the economy, buckle up. 2983b - Trump Sets A Trap For Biden, The World Wants The Peace Maker, Soros On Deck. Step 3: Your firewall may have blocked rumble. Sen Rogers - Election Rigging Is Being Exposed Through Their Lies, The People Know The Truth. Elon Musk traps Twitter, no matter which way they turn it’s bad for them. After a summer of playtesting and anticipation, Rumbleverse is live! If you haven’t had a chance to play with us yet, this new brawler royale is free to play and available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. In one month the X22 Report produces ~50 videos. Dave from the X22 Report gives us the latest developments on the battle against the corrupt deep state. They are pushing their agenda as hard as they possibly can, they want Trump indicted before the midterms, because after the midterms the makeup of congress is going to be completely different. He does not have any affiliations with political parties, organizations, or media outlets. This will not happen, Trump is the peace keeper and the people will see those who want war. 🌩 🌩 🌩 ' 💠 🥰 🌩 🌩 💠 🌩 🌩 🤘 ️ 🌩 ☠️ 🌩 ️ 🔤 🔤 🔤 🔤 🔤 🔤 🔤 🔤 🔤 🔤 🔤 📣 LUFTHANSA, a renowned aviation powerhouse, transcends boundaries with a legacy spanning nearly a century. Trump is countering the [CB]/ [WEF] plan, he is letting the people know that we can become the manufacturing super country. Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. False acquistitions about others, always comes back to bite you in the A$$. Get 67% OFF this Summer plus FREE for 30 days! The patriots are in control and they are showing the people the the infiltration. North Korea boasted on Tuesday that it is one of only a handful of countries in the world to field nuclear weapons and advanced missiles and the only one standing up to the United States by "shaking the world" with missile tests. The offensive is about to begin, the kick off is happening. Ep 2961b – Horrible Things About To Happen To Many Corrupt Politicians,Consequences,Wrays Of Light. Ep 2915b – Trump Sends Message: Looking Forward To Beginning The Battle, Rig For Red. Zelenko Protocols against Covid-19. Guarantee Right To Return To Nagorno Karabakh, Says HRW. Trump is now moving them down a path and the [DS] players …. The [DS] is trapped in their o…. The conclusion of the plan comes into play in 2024 and this is why this the. The [DS] is now doing everything in its power to try to stop what is coming. Join me and many others to fight what is rightfully ours. Hold the bucket close to the drain to reduce the risk of splashing, and slowly pour the ammonia water down the drain. The people are now witnessing Treason at the highest level. The patriots are about to reveal more information which will wake the people up. Is the fake Biden actor in the WH really a White Hat who had the stuff turned in to destroy the persona of the real Joe Biden who is already dead and gone to hell by the Military in GITMO for treason?. The people are being exposed to their …. On one side we are going to have the war mongers, and the other …. 6MB) Watch The X22 Report On Video California’s economy is failing and to keep the people happy the Gov decided to increase minimum wage to $20. The [DS] is now building the narrative of a cyber attack shutting down communications. Germany is preparing to discontinue their nuclear power plants, this is not going to go well. This Pew Research Center analysis provides data about the online video-sharing site Rumble. 9MB) Watch The X22 Report On Video Newsom is destroying CA, as he follows the [WEF] agenda the people are going to see that it is a failure. The National Guard and the Marines will work together. Satan and demons can not stand against Jesus Christ and Jesus lives inside all of those who are believers in him. Nov 18, 2022 – The email system that X22 Report uses has been suspended by the company because of complaints, they are now investigating the account. News video on One News Page on Sunday, 16 October 2022. Listen online to Voice of Barbados radio station 92. The people are watching this realtime and people are seeing the truth. The evil is not just in the US but it is global. It keeps people hopeful and sedated. The [DS] knows the cheating will not work, the patriots are counting on this. Enjoyed this channel? Join my Locals community for exclusive content at @X22ReportNews. The entire system is coming apart and will implode on the [CB] and the puppet masters, without a cover story they are completely exposed. Patricia travels to remote areas in Africa and India to reach isolated people groups with God’s. The owner of X22 is a self-described prepper who is convinced that. Listener Numbers, Contacts, Similar Podcasts. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest. The problem with this is that we don't, Trump showed the way on how the country can…. You can view podcasts similar to X22 Report by exploring Rephonic's 3D interactive graph. The Fed begins layoffs, it will only get worse from here. 2559b – Shadow Players Are The Deadliest [Stealth], Pain Coming, Magic Sword. On March 28, Jeremy Peters of The New York Times reported on the ambitions of Rumble — a video-sharing platform that has cast itself as a conservative alternative to YouTube. X22 Report — Episode 2959: Trump did Something 5 Years Ago, …. The Ds are fighting for the their lives, their system is being dismantled and they cannot stop it. The Biden admin is still admitting there is a baby formula shortage. The focus of the X22 Report is on the potential for an economic meltdown where inflation drives the cost of goods to unaffordable levels. The younger generation is panicking and the [DS] players are preparing to shutdown communication. Business are now moving out of the. They are the Domestic Terrorists, it is time to see pieces of hemp dangling from around their necks!!! 54 likes. Hunt them down and bring them all to justice. com having one of the lowest trusting ranks on this validator: 2. The people are now seeing the crimes and its going to get worse as time goes on. In review, Rumble is a video upload and streaming service that feature a wide range of videos. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ forgive you of any sins and may our Father God Almighty allow you to enter into his kingdom Amen. Russia warned the US and the west that Ukraine was planning to detonate a "dirty" nuclear bomb in Ukraine and blame it on Russia. 3028b - Two - Tier Justice System Exposed, Phase II Narrative Has Begun, Justice For All. Kash Patel – The House Could Use A 150 Year Old Law To Arrest People,Will …. By X22 Report - Published March 21, 2022 Ep. 3024a – Biden Just Destroyed The Economic System, Right On Schedule, Restructure Coming. When politicians swear an oath to uphold The Constitution and they make every effort to destroy it, they need to be held accountable. The civil war between the Republican swamp creatures and MAGA has begun. Green energy agenda is collapsing. Search Use the search box to find the product you are looking for. The pieces to the storm are coming together. EUROPA: THE LAST BATTLE - ALL 10 PARTS - COMPLETE DOCUMENTARY / FILM. The Truth Seekers 88 is brought to you by a team of faithful and dedicated patriots committed to providing accurate and unbiased news. Browse the most recent videos from channel "Phil Godlewski 2. An archive of videos from the BitChute channel x22report from 2022. Marky on Twitter: "I highly recommend X22 report. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs …. In 1981, Wendy Rogers became one of the first 100 women pilots in today’s Air Force by earning her wings at Williams AFB in Arizona. X22 Report: Official Secrets Ready To Be Revealed!!. Ep 3133a – The Economic Trap Has Been Set, The People Are About To See The Economic Truth. The more your frail, the fast you go down. BitChute is community funded, we depend on your support to maintain and improve the platform! Help Us Grow. POTUS RALLY NOTES! CELEBS STILL DETERIORATING! CIA TV PROGRAMMING! CH21 NOTES! Posted by Linda Paris on September 28, 2023 at 12:17am. The patriot plan is coming full circle and the people will know who the true enemy really is, once they know, they will take back the country. Kash oversaw the execution of several of President Donald J. I work and normally busy during the show, so I am thankful for the podcasts so I can go back and listen to what I missed. The case of election interference is being built against those. The [DS] pushed their agenda, it is now backfiring on them. A study that linked gas stoves to childhood asthma cases was backed by two groups that are pushing for Americans to adopt electric stoves. Published May 6, 2023 6:00AM (EDT) Supporters of President Donald Trump hold up their phones with messages referring to the QAnon conspiracy theory at a campaign rally at Las Vegas Convention. QAnon Thinks Trump Indictment Means Democrats Will Be …. Following YouTube's ban, QAnon followers are jumping to these other major platforms. Ep 2837a – Trump Has Warned That America’s Economy Is On Track For Bigger Disaster Than A Recession. They will have to find out for themselves possibly in the most painful of ways. Dave Rubin is a New York Times bestselling author, comedian, and TV personality best known for his political commentary. Get The Fastest No-Log VPN Today 78% OFF LIFETIME DISCOUNT! The [DS] is now removing a liability, the treasonous crimes are being exposed and they lost the ability to censor because they lost Twitter and the do not have control over Truth and. We recently hadtwo peoplego tothe emergency room for treatment, One plays Santatought he might have food poisoning which he had before he told the doctor but thedoctor said he had covid, they argued about it so our friend said he wanted a covid test it was negative he is fully vaccinated too to take the doctors word would have cost …. Ep 2789a – Right On Schedule, [JB] Blames The Fed For Inflation, Trap Set. 2957b - The Conspiracies Are Now Truth, It All Goes Back To The Election, Supreme Court On Deck. It is based on an October 2022 Center study that examined Rumble and six other alternative social media sites – BitChute, Gab, Gettr, Parler, Telegram and Truth Social – using a multi-method approach. TAKE A LISTEN Watch The X22 Report On Video The [WEF] are pushing their agenda, the Finnish pipeline was damaged and now the investigators believe it might be sabotage. This all happened when the patriots took control of the house, now they can get the tax the. Now, if you are able to access rumble. X22 Report: We Will Never Forget! Or Forgive, Moves. This allows the X22 Report to contact you. Remember everything that the DS calls others is 1000% about themselves. It had to be this way so the people had to the. Juan and Nino: Big Red October Intel. Jump into Crash Team Rumble’s Closed Beta Today. Eric Swalwell just admitted that Obama is going to be speaking to the Democrats tomorrow about their “messaging” and how to rebrand themselves: “If we can brand ourselves as a party. Host, distribute and monetize all your professional, social and viral video. VirtualShield: VPN, Antivirus, Identity & Privacy Protection. The Biden admin is now becoming desperate they are blaming fuel prices on the heat. - Zelenko Protocol innovator: 99% survival of high risk Covid-19 patients. Ep 2915a – The [CB] Is Using The Same Economic Playbook, Biden Admin Caught In A Lie. Today is an exciting moment for us at Iron Galaxy. Would be fun to be able to listen to the first show. People are rising up as the [CB] pushes their agenda. Sites were included in the study if they …. If you wish to write and/or publish an article on Operation Disclosure all you need to do is send your entry to UniversalOm432Hz@gmail. Trump and the patriots are leading them down a path to expose them all and it is working. The [CB] let everyone know that the debt cannot be sustained. Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes appears on QAnon show and …. X22 Report Huge Intel: Change Of Batter Coming, The Evidence Against [JB] And Now [JB] Is Liability. 2848B - [DS] Pushes Violence Agenda, Panic In DC, Declas Brings Down The House. Now their control is gone, the people are …. Donald Trump is The Greatest President in United States History. President? You’ll Find Out, Message Received, …. Trump set everything in motion 5 years ago, everything is about change. Check out our channels! Elijah Streams has many ways to stay connected. Even Democrats believe that the election in Arizona was a mess that impacted the outcome of the election. Now that YouTube has taken steps toward regulating misinformation and conspiracy theories, a new site, Rumble, has risen to take its place. Ep 3138b – Change Of Batter Coming, Planned. Join The x22 Report Censorship Free Private Server - > Click Here Don't Forget To Download The Free Iphone & Android Smartphone App For The Private Server. 3187 - Old FCC Law Gives The President The Power To Shutdown Communications, Playbook Known. They will then move to a real war and this will not work because the people do not war they want …. PATRIOTS SOAPBOX NEWS NETWORK. 2842B - DeSantis Paves The Way For Future Patriots, Do You See What’s Happening?. The scare event will be necessary to wake the people up and to …. The study was partly funded by RMI, a group that seeks to “accelerate the clean energy transition,” and co-authored by RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings team that aims to retrofit buildings with electric appliances in 20 states. The patriots are now on the hunt, collecting and seizing assets. Trump halts visas and wants jobs filled by Americans first. Trump has the declas documents, did he just signal that it is almost time to release some the declas docs. Reacts, Chatting and Gaming - MW2/Warzone - The Haunting Event! Maybe a firecape run OSRS. Trump has turned it all around and now he is moving into the next phase of the plan. Rumble is the new home for everything video. But, for some people we will never be able to convince them that the MSM and gov't cannot be trusted to tell the truth, and in fact are telling out and out lies in order to take control of the world. What they are doing to the children needs to be turned around and done to them. The [DS] is in panic mode, they have nothing left to throw at Trump and they are using what ever crumbs they have left. X22 Report (@x22report) - Gab Social. Louis, Missouri, and was the …. The spike in the market is a reflection of inflation across the board, as well as increased demand due to more Americans being priced out of home ownership. Election Fraud Stage Set,Must Be Done Right,According To The. Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Sweater Sleeve Wren + Glory Hand Painted Denim Jacket. Trump has set many traps for Biden and the puppet masters and. JUST IN - Sun blasts X1-class solar flare, CME to hit Earth very likely. The world has of course become a very crazy place and it is hard to keep up with all of the madness. The Hunt Is On, [CF] Comes Into Focus, Crimes Against Humanity - Episode 2285b. 2944b - Those Who “Knowingly” Broke The Law [Treason] Are The Most Vocal,Narrative Control Lost. Stephen Walt Dissects US Foreign Policy: Israel/Gaza, Ukraine, Iran, China, BRICS, & More | SYSTEM UPDATE #162 7,308 watching. Australian Sixpence Coins 50% Silver Circulated Various Years 1946-1964 x12. Durham Is Ready To Expose It All, As We Prepare To Land. X22 Report - Election Fraud Stage Set, Must Be Done Right, Provable In Court: X22 Report - Election. 3080b – [DS] Showed The People The Blueprint To Beat Them, Puzzle Coming Together. The Government Gangsters are real and there are a lot more than people realize and they follow the same pattern of criminal activity. They are headed right down the path that Trump has predicted. I don’t pay attention to “numbers” except the fact I don’t charge ANY subscriptions… it’s service beyond my service… same boots n’ blue jeans… showing people current and active Military and Federal Laws and Orders via dot Gov and Mil sites not “Hopium” and BS all for 💰 & 🎩 🕺. Ep 2982b – The Public Will Demand The Declas Docs, [Scare] Event Agenda Pushed,Peace Maker In Place. In Speech, Biden Pushes Endless War! Journalists Under Attack In Israel! W/ Patrick Henningsen 13,350 watching. The [DS] will shutdown communications to stop the flow of information. Durham has started the trial today with jury selection, he is now in position to expose it all. X22 Report is a daily show that covers the economy, political and geopolitical issues. 2805b – Trump Trapped The J6 Unselect Committee, Panic Sets In, Sting Of The Century. Biden is destroying the economy and Trump is giving solutions on how to save the country and reverse it all. Order by Phone at 866-388-7003 or online at https://www. Stop and think about it if abortions go back to the States that means no more federal funding for Planned Parenthood there goes the …. The latest tweets from @official_x22. I can feel the ground shake for the steps God is taking toward justice and all those guilty of going along with this are in SUCH deep shit. com applying these following rules. CDC study: Vaccination offers better protection than previous COVID-19 infection. ‎X22 Report on the App Store. 3172A - Hedge Funds Backing Away From ESG, [WEF] Plan Falling Apart, Shutdown Looms. But the more they do the worse it gets for them. They election interference case (insurrection) is getting stronger and stronger. The [DS] is panicking, they are now so panicked that they don’t care if people see who they really are, the muscle for the [DS]. The [DS] never expected for [HRC] to lose, they never expected that their treasonous acts would be exposed. Rumble is a family film that centers around fighting one's way to the top through hard work and effort. We need to liquidate all of the evil globalists in the quicksand of Trump. The people are realizing that the [CB] is now working and they have worse off than their parents, the plan is …. 2891B - [DS] Red October Comms, Regain Power By Any Means Necessary, [Scare] Necessary Event. By Sarah Zaman and Aline Barros. * channel_id: x22report* uploader: X22report* url:. Donald Trump is calling for a show of strength in Iowa, arguing before big audiences that dominating in the Republican presidential caucuses in January would signal to voters around the country his strength in the November election next year. News video on One News Page on Friday, 12 August 2022. Click on the bottom right corner, ‘Help. All evidence shows that Trump did nothing wrong. Salty's YouTube Livesteams: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday 4:30pm Pacific Time. The green new deal is not working on the people, the people are finding out that it will not benefit them. These include food, water, toilet supplies, weapons, ammunition, gold, and silver, etc. The [DS] is now bringing us to war. Ep 3193b – Fire & Fury, Non Nuclear, Sum Of All Fears, At. The patriots are now putting all the pieces together, these pieces are the weapons and ammunition that will be needed to go after the [DS]. Trump and the patriots know the playbook, countermeasures are in place. The [DS] is now moving to place Trump under arrest during the election, playbook known. 2613b - Message Sent & Received, Who Is Commander And Chief Of The Military?. Most business will probably let people go or increase the prices. com Bill Holter is a Financial writer and gold expert, Bill also helps individuals purchase and store …. Every time they attacked Trump it was an attack on the American people and this woke the American people up. This tool uses the data displayed on the 'Listeners Also Subscribed To' section of Apple Podcasts to visualise connections between shows. Ep 3123b – No War,No Civil War,Scare Event,. 2794b – The ‘How’ Will Be Hard To Understand For Most, Focus On The ‘Why’, The ‘When’ Is Now. 3181b - DANGEROUS STORM IS COMING, Trump Just Made An Important Move 10. 9MB) Mike Smith is one of Hollywood’s hottest stunt doubles making Mel Gibson, Ethan Hawke, Christian Bale, David Duchovney and many other leading men, look damn good. The CA push to give out reparations are going. Joe Biden is the worst President in United States History. Browse the web without fear of being tracked or monitored. In fact, X22 provides a list of prepping materials needed for this collapse. We have used factors ranging from the …. The people have been waking up, they need to wake up to see the [DS] system. Everything is in motion, Trump is in NY and the [DS] believes they have the upper hand, they don’t. Browse the most recent videos from channel "And We Know" uploaded to Rumble. THE MOON! Posted by Linda Paris on October 1, 2023 at 9:55pm. The establishment has been shoved into the light, the world is watching and with each vote the establishment is feeling pain. Step 4: If problem still persists, it could be DNS fault. News video on One News Page on Tuesday, 30 August 2022. They Never Thought The FBI, Hunter,Joe Biden Would Be …. Agenda47: Returning Production of Essential Medicines Back to America and Ending Biden’s Pharmaceutical Shortages. X22 Report: Ep 2981b – [DS] Has Lost The Narrative, They Are Fighting For Their Lives, Panic In DC. On Solitaired you can: Play on your mobile phone or in full-screen desktop mode. Next Report On Monday,Oct 16. red flag to me immediately, please do not fall for the free program for seniors. Oct 28, 2022 – (Resolved) – The private secure server is having login issues after an upgrade. X22 Report: Trump's BIG Announcement - Let's See What Happens? - Rumble. Do we think @KamalaHarris will compare this event to Pearl Harbor and 9/11? Did anyone check on @AdamKinzinger to see if he is crying?. NCSWIC!!! WWG1WGA!!! Hello Patriots!!! Be of Good Spirit and No Fear!! Thank you, Dave!! Thank you for everything Dave you're the man!. Very sad, depressing day regarding the arrests of Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht! We need to support them in prayer and ask the Lord to bring justice in this important case regarding election fraud. This is a bandaid fix, the problem is going to get worse. Dave from X22 Report tells us the newest updates in the war against the cabal. Order by Phone at 866-388-7003 or online at …. All our reports and Daily Alerts are backed up by source links. The public is not with them on this, the public is now seeing a dictatorship. com deutschx22 report youtube deutschx22 report deutsch. Nigel Farage issues a warning that China is a direct threat to the UK. Ep 3043a – The Direction Is Clear, The [CBDC] Has Failed, Gold Destroys The Fed. Bob Kudla – The Fed Cannot Control Inflation, We Are Witnessing The Beginning Of The Depression. Anything that is said on the show is for information purposes only. After that, select the issue which you are facing. Forwarded from TheStormHasArrived17 ( TheStormHasArrived17 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️) 1:05. 2924a – [CB] Took The Bait, The World Is Watching, The Economic System Is About To Shift. The President and CEO of Fortuna Silver discusses the latest record quarterly production results, what the increased cash flow and lower capital expenditures means for the company in the quarters ahead. View X22 Report's (@X22Report) Rumble channel stats, videos, and ranking. the FBI has decided to allow Comer to see the FD 1023. If each video is 1 Gigabyte in size, that turns out to be 50 Gigabytes per month and then add in the interviews - that is a lot of disk space. Time to research: PROJECT PELICAN and PLEASE connect the dots as to when Ron de Santis was a chairman of the Subcommittee on NATIONAL SECURITY… and yet, somehow…. Does the latest "X22 Report" video contain only true and accurate claims? No, that's not true: The video recycles falsehoods circulated by QAnon conspiracy theorists and contradicted by credible publicly available documentation. Click On Picture To See Larger Picture. The [DS] believes they have the upper hand, appear weak while you are strong. We are now approaching the precipice, the swamp is trying to fight back, lets finish what we started, the storm is coming, the military, people are now behind Trump. Welcome to the Offical Monkey Werx Channel - our weekly shows consist of Overwatch SITREPS where we will look at aircraft activity around the world, the Mon. Trump posted a truth that says "The silent majority is back" it is now time to. The only way a Red Wave happens is if we ALL do our duty on November 8th and VOTE!! Pray too. com/c/X22Report X New Account @realx22report x. Ep 3193b – Fire & Fury, Non Nuclear, Sum Of All Fears, At Dawn We Win:Show Starts At 7:30pm EST. The [DS] advocated the overthrow of the US government and the rule of law must be followed. A troubling survey commissioned by trade publication the Morning Advisor revealed the entire British pub industry could be on the brink of a tsunami of closures this winter if the government fails to intervene in power markets to ease cost pressures. The DA failed, which means Soros has failed. Everything the truth comes out against them the [DS] hits Trump. You can also find out more videos from all of your favorite conservative podcasters on our Patriots Page. EM exposed child trafficking, pedophilia on Twitter, the people running Twitter protected it all which is a crime. Trump lets everyone know that the next election will be an epic political earthquake the likes of which the …. The military will keep the US operational while the civilian government is incapacitated. The podcast is hosted by Dave, who goes by the pseudonym of "Dave from X22 Report. realx22report (Author) No reviews. Due in large part to your support, Badlands has quickly grown into one of the most-watched independent networks online, with dozens of citizen journalists, podcasters and personalities across our shows and Substack. X22 REPORT – How does Dave put it all together so well?. If DeSantis can be leveled in Iowa, the Trump strategy says, then he will be hobbled moving into larger contests like New Hampshire and South Carolina, according. No download or email registration is required. The [DS] corrupt system is being exposed. Trump's tax cuts have now trapped Biden and the [CB] is being dismantled on a massive scale as each country remove the federal reserve note from their reserves. People are going to be brought to the precipice, war will wake the mass population up. Get our 5-minute breakdown email of the latest Rumble trends: fastest growing channels, hottest viral videos, and more, sent to your inbox every week. In-N-Out Shuts Down All Indoor Dining in California County Over Vaccine Mandate: Officials. The lies are crashing down around the [DS]. The conclusion of the plan comes into play in 2024 and this is why this the final battle. The [DS] is cracking under the pressure. The indicators are now pointing. [JB] is now panicking because everything that he has. But now they are seeing it and they are rejecting it. - Number of Americans working two jobs increasing every month. The X22 Report is “one man’s opinion”. The information war is moving to the next phase. What is X22 Report? One of my QAnon-suspected relatives is always name dropping this on their favorite social media cite. there are commercials on line targeting seniors to get a free 2450 card for one year. 2902b - Trump Caught Them All,Durham Exposed It All,The Path Is Now Set,It Must Be Done Right. The NG monitored the election, so did the military, let’s see what the NG produces. Justin brings the local and national news that we may not hear anywhere else. Before It's News® is a community of individuals who report on what's going on around them, from all around the world. The border crisis is now being …. Noel Fritsch – [DS] Events Are Scheduled,We Cannot Use The [DS] Election System In The Next Election. This is the biggest sting operation we have ever seen. X22 Report — Episode 2892: The Fed/Admin are Trapped, …. Fake News, Corrupt Politicians,. Yellowstone Blueprint Rip's House Unisex T-shirt. Watch this video to learn about the hidden secrets, the deep state agenda and the patriots' plan to expose and defeat them. The [CB] have been stripping the people of their wealth since the [CB] came into …. The people responsible for justice will be in danger from the awakening poisoned masses if they do not act toward accountability soon. There is a change of batter coming, the question is, will the Obama’s take the bait. The Atlanta Fed has revised the GDP numbers, they are now dropping like a rock and most likely we are headed right into a recession. The people are ready and the [DS] knows if they lose control it is over. 3171a – Countries Are Now Rolling Back Climate Mandates, Federal Reserve Begins Layoffs. Now their control is gone, the people are awake and now the. Click Above ^ To Get Up To 51% OFF !!! The [DS] players are now being cornered, they will have to make a move and Trump is counting on this. With Dave, 976 episodes, 8 ratings & reviews. They have infiltrated the country from within. News video on One News Page on Saturday, 19 November 2022. ; According to the survey, 70% of respondents say if electricity prices continue to soar, …. Trump says the facts are coming out so fast it’s like the fast and the furious. GoldSeek TV: Fortuna Silver's Record Quarterly Production, $40M Reduction of Debt & Exploration. News and Public Affairs form the backbone of what many consider to be the flagship station of River Road, with news bulletins regarded as trustworthy, balanced and accurate. Plug in your USB drive to your Roku to play movies, music and photos on your TV. The crimes are being exposed and the panic is building. Watch The X22 Report On Video Newsom is destroying CA, as he follows the [WEF] agenda the people are going Read more. Kash begins the conversation talking the firing of Tucker, then the conversation moves into how Hunter will be indicted. Listen live Voice of Barbados radio with Onlineradiobox. The [DS] used everything they had to get rid of Trump and in the process they hurt the people and the people will not …. X22 REPORT ARRESTS TAKING PLACE TODAY EXCLUSIVE UPDATE - TRUMP NEWS. The [DS] fell into the quicksand and they will never be seen or heard from again. Brighteon © 2023 All Rights Reserved. A federal judge on Monday issued a gag order on former President Donald Trump, limiting what he can say about special counsel Jack Smith’s federal prosecution into his alleged …. In addition, we took steps to optimize our portfolio as part of our responsibility to manage our existing assets and to ensure we are well positioned for a period of prolonged growth," said Randy Smallwood, President and Chief …. com/realx22report The Official CloutHub Account (video) IBM was the video host for Clouthub. The movement is working, Trump has now shown the people that they do not need the fake news, big …. They [DS] will push chaos at least they will try, but this will fail in the end. Attorneys have issued them a cease and …. Brandon Straka – The Movement Is Bigger Than Anyone. Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:45:45 — 45. The [WEF] message is not working, the people no longer believe in what they are saying, their agenda is failing and they know it. The people are now learning that the [DS] is involved in blackmail/bribes. com: X22 Report : realx22report: Books. Trump and the military are in control of the country, Biden is the front man waking up the entire world and showing the people how corrupt the system really is. 2786b – Trump: We Are Taking Back The House, Senate & America, Nothing Can Stop This, Nothing. The [DS] is now pushing the [Scare] event. “RT @official_x22: 🙏📷PLEASE FOLLOW & RETWEET US ! Ep. Watch The X22 Report On Video Newsom is destroying CA, as he follows the …. 2973b - Treasonous Crimes Being Exposed, [DS] Preparing For Zero-Day, Countermeasures In Place. X22 Report: Trump'S Big Announcement - Let'S See What Happens???: X22 Report:. 3028a - [CBDC] Block Is Gaining Momentum, The Economic Crisis Will Bring It Home. The economy is falling apart, layoffs are happening and now the FTX scandal is bringing attention the [CB]. We need to get up get involved and get informed. Trump:”Unprecedented Fraud Requires Unprecedented Cure”, …. X- 22 rumble, Aftermarket remote starter installers near me, Kelly siegler family, Cake box near me now, East prospect post office? Riverdale s4, Oswego 10 . Praise the Lord that the SC Justices did the right thing - following the Constitution. 2731a - The Economic Narrative Just Boomeranged On [JB] & The [CB] The [CB] is trying to control the narrative and explain what you can do without during the gas crisis. Browse the most recent videos from channel "X22 Report" uploaded to Rumble. Ep 2982b – The Public Will Demand The Declas Docs,. Log into Podbean to start podcasting. Ep 2646b – [Zero-Day], Think Rumble, Think TruthSocial, The Cure Will Spread WW. There are simple reasons for this minimal rating. JUST IN - Derek Chauvin's attorney files a motion asking for a new trial on multiple grounds. An open video platform featuring over 250,000 video creators and influencers. The fake news [knowingly] have been lying to the …. Some of their featured video channels include author Dinesh D’Souza, Charlie Kirk, OANN, Sean Hannity, Newsmax, and of course, …. The people see that the fake news, corrupt politicians and the [DS] players tried to remove Trump by throwing everything at him, it …. Trump and the patriots are building the offensive, the process is almost complete, the latest piece will be the midterms. Trump is on the side of the worker. The [DS] has depleted their leverage over Trump, he is now freed. News video on One News Page on Tuesday, 26 September 2023. The Twitter hearing started today and these [DS] people have been put on the spot and they are. Check out one of his podcasts!. We use research and source all of our documentation to bring you the facts in an environment where mainstream media offers opinions without proof. Give it a download and check it out. The public is learning the truth and the DS. X22 Report is a daily show that will cover issues surrounding the economic collapse. Biden has become a liability and the [DS] is now in the process of removing him. Watch this video to learn how to use Rumble, how to manage channels, how to subscribe to channels, how to upload videos, and much more!. net/x22-report-rumble-official-site-report-rumble-today/00:00 Start00:18 X22 Report Rumble00:49 X22 Report Official Site01:16. ‎X22 Report on Apple Podcasts. Sarah feels the platform has taken her mother away from. As our customer support specialist, Mario will be providing customer support to the Rumble community via live chat, support email and forums. The [DS] is panicking they are not in control the patriots are leading them down the path of destruction. X22 Report - Trump Sends Message, Military & Civilian Control, It Had To Be This Way. The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another (Re-post from 2 yrs ago) Scotty mar10. 2727b - Next Week Boom, Panic Mode, The Hunt Is On, Search And Destroy. This channel narrates documented near death experience cases. They are now pushing a bill which will fail. Is Trump flexing his muscle showing the establishment he is in control. Return to all channels SERVICE MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL FEES. 2023 Untertitel--Deutsch: https://x22report. 7B Hours Watched), Rumble had an Average Viewers per Channel of 546, whereas Twitch’s figure lies. The people are experiencing the economic lies that Biden continually puts out, …. trump Judy Byington Shariraye Michael Jaco Mel K Charlie Ward Simon Parkes Juan O Savin Scott Mckay David Nino Rodriguez Situation. We are in an information war and the patriots are winning. Trump has set many traps for Biden and the puppet …. Spotify, Vimeo, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts must follow the lead of other tech companies and condemn. USB-Audio Interface mit zwei Eingängen und zwei Ausgängen · 2 geräuscharme Mikrofonvorverstärker mit XLR Combo-Buchsen · Hi-Z Eingang für Gitarren und andere . “20 minutes of commercials, he says the same thing almost everyday. News video on One News Page on Sunday, 5 February 2023. Join me and many others to fight for what is rightfully ours. Browse the most recent videos from channel "The Alex Jones Show" uploaded to Rumble. A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that vaccination provides better protection against hospitalization with COVID-19 than a previous infection with the virus. Ep 2646a – Trump Middle Class Tax Cuts Confirmed, The Economic War Is On The Horizon. It is just getting weirder and weirder. Podcasting is one way to get around social media constraints on promoting junk. Nelson filed the motion on the grounds of juror misconduct, and that the court abused its discretion for failing to agree to the defense’s requests for a change of venue and sequestering the jury. Ep 2973b – Treasonous Crimes Being Exposed, [DS] Preparing For Zero-Day, Countermeasures In Place. During this period of time the people are seeing these people for who and what they are and the people are rejecting them. Peace of mind is only one step away. x22 x22 report today x22 dave update X22 Report Huge Intel: Change Of Batter Coming The Evidence Against [JB] And Now [JB] Is Liability. Videos by Rumble on One News Page, the news and video portal trusted since 2008. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeatedly. X22 Report Official – Telegram. 7 million grant for a company that sells face masks for cows. “Judicial Jihadist” Leticia Gags Trump - Tell Her OFF![THE PETE SANTILLI SHOW #3781 10. The [DS] has deployed all assets, they are going to continue to indict him leading up to the elections, they might arrest him. X22 REPORT: DEEP STATE HAS NO IDEA OF THE. Rumble Viewership metrics (June 2023) Rumble collected 27. The US will be the first domino to fall. As the DS works at building their Domestic Terrorist Narrative, they are showing all the people who the real Domestic Terrorist are. Sounds like the WEF needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth which they soon will be! God is in control. Everything we witness is a result of an agenda to make Israel feel discomfort to such a degree that they will call out for Jesus Christ. The Fed, Treasury, Biden Admin knowingly lied to the people when they said inflation would disappear, the people know the truth now. Biden is on his way out and they are going to use him to push every agenda they have, it doesn’t matter what the optics looks like because once he is taken out by the 25 amendment they will say he wasn’t aware of what he was doing. (Official) Forwarded from Trump 2024. This X1-flare (X9 highest) can cause radio interference and lead to mid-latitude auroras. Rand Paul says that the currency is now being destroyed. "Wheaton delivered solid production results at the low end of guidance despite facing a number of headwinds in 2022. Benchmark website’s performance against your competitors by keeping track of key indicators of onsite behavior. 2MB) Watch The X22 Report On Video. The [DS] sting operation is active and the [DS] is doing exactly what the patriots want. Join The x22 Report Censorship Free Private Server – > Click Here Don’t Forget To Download …. -All Roads Lead To Obama, Muslim Brotherhood,Sleeper Cells, Countermeasures. In my opinion it’s what people refer to as “hopium”. The X22 Report is a daily show reporting on the economy as well as the political and geo-political climate. 2929B / DAVERADIOX 2929B UPDATE TODAY - KNOWN - TRUMP NEWS - Rumble. Sports, music, news, audiobooks, and podcasts. Russia’s Defense Ministry Wants To Change The Law To Permit Drafting Prisoners – Analysis. The people realize something is wrong, this is the first step, when the economy gets worse they will begin to understand. Be one of the first to experience an all-new Spin on Crash when the Closed Beta launches April 20th – April 24th*. I would welcome your doing a deep dive on him and his candidacy for US president in 2024. LIVE: MULTIPLE VANTAGE POINTS Israel and Hamas in Gaza. When you create an email account with GMX, we will change the way you communicate. Trump sent a message that there will be a 250 years …. Uploaded by trapexit on January 12, 2022. They are now maneuvering to shutdown communication, start chaos and bring us to war. Rumble is an online video platform, web hosting and cloud services business headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with its U. Watkins will share his experiences in and out of the writers’ room and speak to the people who brought this story to the screen, including executive producers George Pelecanos and David Simon, actor Jon Bernthal, actor Wunmi Mosaku, and director Reinaldo Marcus Green. X22 Reports:Monday – Friday Released Between~6-7pm EST | ( Sunday ) Released Between~6-7pm EST. The people are around the world are starting to push back against the economy and the agenda of the [CB]/[WEF]. Join me and many others to fight what is …. The [DS] has lost the narrative. Converting a BitChute channel into an RSS feed is very straightforward, all you have to do is type the BitChute Support Center helps you to find FAQ, how-to guides and step-by-step tutorials. Ep 2631b – Old Guard Power Structure Being Destroyed, Evil Is Global, US Is The First Domino. Browse the most recent videos from channel "Scotty mar10" uploaded to Rumble. now the people are starting to realize how the country is, how much control the [DS] had over the people. 3193a - Biden Lied About Refilling The SPR, China Moves Away From The Fed Note. The indictment is for show, the real push is to get the Trump supporters angry, they need an event to distract and …. Trump lets everyone know that the next election will be an epic political earthquake the likes of which the world has never seen before. The people are waking up, they see thru the [CB] and the Biden admin. The [CB]/ [JB] are trying to gas light the people into believing we are not in a recession. Jeff and Shannon have a discussion with Dave from X22 Report about Trump, Q, The Anons and all of the current events that connect to them. We have partnered up with Olark to provide live chat support during weekdays from 9AM to 5PM EST. Ep 3089a – Banks Begin To Limit Withdrawals, We Are Witnessing An Economic Restructuring. Just a reminder that Anthony Fauci is a FRAUD and that PCR tests run at 45 cycles give MASSIVE FALSE POSITIVE RESULTS for CHY-NA virus. · Mike Smith - The [DS] Dark World Is Being Brought Out Of The Shadows & Into The Light · Ep 3192b-Election Evidence Will Be Introduced During The . Soon after transitioning into the world of stunt coordinating and 2nd unit directing Mike was asked to be a …. Create podcast and episode lists. X22 Report on NAMELY LIBERTY. See how they compare to other Rumble creators. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a …. Some have decided to go back to the LIGHT, they will be welcomed as well. Together they were blessed with 3 beautiful children who honor both their Father and Mother. "In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. 2884B - It’s Always Good To Be Underestimated, The Old Guard Is In The Process Of Being Destroyed. Trump caught them all, they are treasonous to this country and each election year he has shown how they interfered in the election. 3091 – 1st Unseal Is Awakening, 1st Arrest Verifies Direction, Final Battle, At Dawn I Will Win. Ep 3193a – Biden Lied About Refilling The SPR, China Moves Away From The Fed Note. The Scam Detector algorithm finds x22. QAnon Believers Think Trump’s Indictment Will (Somehow) Lead to Mass Arrest of Democrats. X22 Report: Trump's BIG Announcement - Let's See What Happens?. When they make every effort to destroy our country, they need to hang as the traitors they are. X22 REPORT TODAY EPISODE - GOP LEADERS STILL STRIVE TO APPEASE TRUMP’S BASE - TRUMP NEWS. Looks like another “insurrection” is going down at the Capitol. Trump and the patriots are continually pushing the facts and truth out to the public. Countries are now preparing to counter the CBDC, the war with the [CB] has begun. The [DS] empire is now being exposed and destroyed one truth at a time. They [DS] is pushing hard and they have now put themselves …. Launched in 2013, his show was originally part of TYT Network, until he left in 2015, in part due to widening ideological differences. Ep 3161b – Trump Calls For The 25th Amendment, Let The Unsealing Begin, Military Civilian Alliance. Customize cards and backgrounds. VirtualShield offers powerful VPN, Antivirus, and Identity Protection to ensure your online safety. THEY SELL YOUR BLOOD! ROTHSCHILD CHRISTMAS!. The patriots are now exposing the deep dark world, this is not just about crimes against humanity, this is about how their system works, how it was infiltrated, how they use these platforms to push their message out and control the narrative. The best podcast out there that for sure. He is the creator and host of The Rubin Report, a political talk show on YouTube and on the network BlazeTV. The [DS] fell right into the trap of all traps, they went ahead and cheated in the 2022 midterm elections, now the people see the truth, they see the fraud, it is now being exposed. “In Pursuit of Truth (finally!)”. TUNE IN: This week we’ve got: ⭐ Britney Spears' memoir exclusive ⭐ JAY-Z ⭐ Morgan Freeman ⭐ Josh Groban ⭐ and Oprah Winfrey reveals her next Book Club. THE ALPINE SECRET FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS! Navy Seal Team Six operator and CIA security operative with expert intuitive abilities developed over 35 years of extensive combat experience. Chase them down until they can run no more. The patriots have the source, they have it all, they are now showing the people the truth. Rumble viewership recap — June 2023. Browse the most recent videos from channel "Bannons War Room" uploaded to Rumble. MGTOW TV: the uncensored video platform for the manosphere. 3193b - Fire & Fury, Non Nuclear, Sum Of All Fears, At Dawn We Win · Ep. Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:27:32 — 38. The pandemic kicked it off, then the [DS] brought in the drag shows with the trans people to groom the children. Although Rumble’s total Hours Watched for June is less than 2% of what Twitch amassed during the same time period (1. The future is now proving the past. This is the second major X-class flare of Solar Cycle 25. Rumble is your rights management video platform. Korea boasts of 'shaking the world' by testing missiles that can strike U. The [DS] has been wrong about everything, Trump is proven right every single time. 1,749 Followers, 6 Following, 92 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Dave (@x22reporttoday). He is building the narrative showing that they never had a criminal case and it was all about keeping him out of office, which is election interference. Browse the most recent videos from channel "X22 …. Trump called Biden a Manchurian …. 23: BOOMS everywhere, FFs, the New Normal, World is watching, KARI, WWIII, Borders! Pray!. Temporarily disable your anti-virus or firewall running in background. Following Air Force jet training, Wendy piloted worldwide airlift. Ep 2977a – Trump “The Future Does Not Belong To Globalists – The Future Belongs To Patriots”. 3040b - [DS] Preparing To Remove [JB], Narrative Shift, The Path Forward Has Been Set. " In this blog post, we will explore what the X22 Report is, its impact on alternative media platforms, its accuracy and reliability, and its …. X22 report Trumpx22 report rumblex22 b reportx22 report. The biggest threat to this country is the [DS]. Originally transmitting as VOB 790 am since 1981, Voice Of Barbados has established itself as the premier News/Talk and Community outlet in the nation. You couldn't make this stuff up. They are also coordinating with the big social media platforms for their next move. The people are on the side of Trump and in the …. Hear the audio that matters most to you. Epstein Minion Threatens The Constitution. Apple podcast player or Rumble. The [DS] is now prepping to try to take back control of the information war. But now they are seeing it and they …. Ep 2961b – Horrible Things About To Happen To Many Corrupt. pushing for war against Iran using Israel as bait | Redacted with Clayton Morris. Derek explains that they put together a 7 year plan to counter the 16 year plan that the [DS] put into place. Brand struck a partnership with Rumble last year, due in part to what he viewed as YouTube’s “censorship” of his podcast, Stay Free with Russell Brand, over his repeated sharing of Covid-19. The average apartment rental price in the US is now $1300 per month, compared to $1000 in 2020, and home rentals have risen to over $2000 per month on average. Please Help Support BeforeitsNews by trying our Natural Health Products below! Order by Phone at 888-809-8385 or online at https://mitocopper. The X22 Report is a podcast that analyzes current economic and political issues from a conservative perspective. All they want is for the Patriots to cause as ruckus so they can onces again put the blame where it is. Dave from X22 Report gives us the latest developments on the battle against the Deep State. It had to be this way so the people had …. Join Podchaser to Rate podcasts and episodes. Report: Rumble wants to be the “new frontier in social media,” …. You’ll Find Out, Message Received, Storm Coming. 3024b – [D]s Trying To Regain Power, The Path Forward Is Being Set, Think Precedent, Do Not Fear. 3067b - No Sleep In DC, Treason At The Highest Level, Trump Dropped The Hammer. Below are the steps that you can follow to contact Rumble. The military will be used in the end but not the way people think or believe. They will be brought to justice. X22 REPORT: IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN TRUMP NEWS - AMERICAN PATRIOT NEWS. To Check out more of X22 Report Video check out their page on Bitchute. We celebrate this day as a day God wins. The Constitution says otherwise! The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The [DS] has all assets deployed. Newsom is destroying CA, as he follows the [WEF] agenda the people are going to see that it is a failure. Full Video – Trump speaks in Dubuque, Iowa (Sept. The lion has been unleashed and the criminal syndicate is going to be destroyed. The people are on the side of Trump and in the process. Read the full episode description. Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:26:49 — 38. x22 Report Today - Trump Is Ready To Remove The 3rd. Mohammad Nabi, the former chief of Taliban security, arranged cooperative offenses with Al Qaeda, according to declassified files. 5 million in revenue, most of it from advertising, but was not profitable. JOY is an acronym for Jesus Of Yahweh of whom she preaches.