Swgoh Imperial Trooper Team Swgoh Imperial Trooper TeamOften times, it will take a significantly higher powered team to knock her off her perch. A fully relic grievous team struggles with Tier 3, and you definitely need more gear on Troopers to win. How I Beat Rebel Roundup Challenge Tier 3 : r/SWGalaxyOfHeroes. How to build a imperial trooper team? : …. Recommended Player Level: 60 Gear Level: 7 Rewards. Now for the ideal last 2 spots, we have a plethora of options: Starck is nice, couse he gets alot of TM and armor pen to the squad, and he also removes tm, and you have to relic him for SEE, he is. Piett works really well if you don't have a troopers team yet since he can ramp Vader's damage up. What is the current best imperial trooper squad? From …. Here is my roster: https://swgoh. Range gives assists, while dark trooper is with the high damage. The newest and most coveted bounty hunter, Boba Fett, Scion of Jango excels in Territory Wars. If Dark Trooper Moff Gideon is in the Leader slot, defeated Imperial Remnant allies are revived with 100% Health and Protection and Stealth for 2 turns. 105000: At the start of battle, if all allies are Imperial Troopers and Moff Gideon has exactly one Tank ally, two Attacker allies, and one additional Support ally, excluding summoned allies (in 3v3 Galactic Challenges or Grand Arenas, if all allies are Imperial Troopers and Moff Gideon has any combination where the team includes no more than one Tank, two Attackers, and/or an additional. Outer Pass – 1 combat mission (DS team needed) – 1 special mission (Veers + Starck + Troopers) – 3,510,000. Allies get a unique ability called COUNTERWATCH. I'm not sure whether to go with GA Thrawn (recently unlocked) or Mara Jade ( just 3 starts for now), since I'll be spending resources and time to level just one of them. Best part is he reduces his taunt cooldown by 1 everytime he loses 1 buff in case he deals with some dispelers and on max level the taunt is on a 4 turn cooldown. 2 Sith Empire · Darth Revan (Leader, Attacker) (Ancient Journey) · Darth Malak (Tank) (Epic Confrontation) · Bastila Shan (Fallen) (Support) (7-A . His AOE can apply the ability block, which is actually pretty essential in this fight. If they don't have zombie then even easier, fracture talzin and kill daka. New to the game and forum so feel free to move thread where appropriate. HSTR Farming Guide – Phase 4 Nihilus: Nightsisters. Daze target enemy for 2 turns, which can't be resisted. Stormtrooper gains 40% Defense for each living Empire ally and 40% Offense for each defeated Empire ally. Imperial Trooper allies gain +10% of all of Scout Troopers stats whilst he is active. No Dark Trooper, because her lead says no other imp droids. Personally I have found the best separatist team to be General Grievous (lead), Wat Tambor, Magnaguard, B1, B2. It's easy to see why: He fits well with Droids, Rebels, and Resistance. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Best Teams. Top 5] Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Best Raid Teams. They wasted one or two of my revives before Gideon got a turn, once Gideon gets a turn, the Jedi don’t get to go again. I play Imperial Troopers: zVeers, Storm, Shore, Death and Snow. 900 +2 Defense: 1: Description: Dark Trooper has 4 stacks of Dark Trooper Squad, 25% of its base Max Health and Max Protection, is immune to Max Health and Max Protection changes and can't be defeated or destroyed while it has more than one stack of Dark Trooper Squad. Kyber Aurodium Chromium Bronzium Carbonite Top. Scout Trooper: Support, Empire, Imperial Remnant, Imperial Trooper Speedy support who provides turnmeter and gains undispellable Foresight through Critical Hits. #shorts #swgoh #galaxyofheroes #starwars #starwarsgame #mobilegaming #mobilegames #grandarena #gac #traya #darthtraya #omicron #lordvader #imperialtroopers. Endless Ranks: When defeated, remove 1 stack of Endless Ranks from all Imperial Trooper allies and revive with 60% Health and Protection. Veers lead is better than iden with the right squad, but iden works amazing if allies don't have the leader tag. Don't even bother with storms zeta unless you really want to. SWGOH Padmé Amidala Counters Based on 149 battles analyzed during GAC Season 45. Empire • Imperial Trooper: Lead Synergy Empire • Imperial Trooper: Synergy Imperial Trooper: Anti Rebel: Release Date November 24, 2015 Rework Date April 25, 2017 Shards to Activate 50 Accelerated Yes Accelerated units have increased drop quantities. As you can see from the image, they can bring down a fully-Reliced (and undamaged) Sith Empire team. JTR, JKL, Dooku, Wat, QGJ Omi are all beatable with troopers. A brilliant politician, Padme uses her brains in both the Republic and the battlefield. He is a monster on Trooper squads, and Zombie will make him better. Imperial Troopers Beat Near-Maxed Jabba Squad in TW - 4 Min moff's daze can't be resisted by enemies with the leader tag, which is most of the team (all but lando), and lasts 2 turns. Iden Versio as a leader : r/SWGalaxyOfHeroes. The key mechanics to know: Veers gives all a 10% tm bump whenever a trooper gains a buff. The bigger problem is the feats that punishes you for using any team you like. If the ally in the Leader slot is Imperial Remnant, allies gain Advantage for 2 turns, Scout Trooper's Imperial Precision ability gains 40%. The most popular Mod Set for Dark Trooper is Health (2) and Offense (4). Acquisition Light Side Battles: 4 …. At the start of battle, if no other allies have the Leader tag, whenever a non-Droid Imperial Trooper ally attacks out of turn, they gain 2% Offense (stacking) until the end of the encounter, Critical Damage Up for 2 turns at the start of each encounter, have +100% …. Between Veers, Piett, and Starck (the three needed at G13 for SEE), which should I gear the highest right away? Imperial Troopers are like that part in Starship Troopers. life/conquest/SWGOH Events Discord - https://discord. Trooper lineup / speeds / turn order : r. His leadership abilities rely on Imperial Troopers as support. I started farming troopers not long ago and they are pretty impressive. This is my guilds experience from being in the top 10 in TW, we are. Dark Side · Tank · Empire · Tank. SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Sets; SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Primary and Secondary Stats; SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Understanding Mod Stats; SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Speed, aka The Holy Grail; SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Mod Farming; SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Guide to Mod Slicing. She provides max health and protection, plus recovery and extra turn …. I'm no expert but I open with armor shred, mark dark trooper,, Veers basic on the. Whether starting at level 1 or using Hyperdrive bundle, this guide will walk you through building up, stabilizing an account, and working through your first big journey. If Dark Trooper has 2 or more stacks of Dark Trooper Squad, Imperial Remnant allies gain Offense Up for 2 turns, otherwise Imperial Remnant allies gain Offense Up for 1 turn …. General Veers Moff Gideon Admiral Piett Dark Trooper Range Trooper; With General Veers as their leader, Imperial Trooper allies have increased offence, speed, and they also gain a 10% turn meter whenever they receive a buff. Wasn’t the cleanest run but it’s always a feel good win and a great use for the Imps. Military Might is an Assault Battles event that requires Rebel and Clone Trooper characters. The other members (Starck, Dark Trooper, Gideon, Death Trooper) all bring something to the table and depends on what you need. Power 38292 · Health 60,902 · Speed 167. Traya omicron, Scythe, and now the Defender. Clones, CLS, and Imperial Troopers are as well. ABILITIES: Basic: TAKE THEM DOWN. Veers is so much better in an Imperial Trooper squad that he'll need to be replaced eventually. Is it worth getting Commander Luke Skywalker?. Max rewards Tier 10 Death Star: Imperial Troopers vs Scoundrels Galactic Challenge | SWGOH GC X. Hello There! Team Unique Abilities:. I use imperial troopers - assuming your Piett or Gideon is faster than Drevan - its pretty reliable. This is very very helpful for people who don't want to R7 the whole Imperial Trooper faction. The Galactic Challenges in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes remain the most recent major update to the game, alongside the new Conquest game mode, and continue to prove difficult for players at all levels in the game. You may access freely our JSON endpoint with the data. For an imperial trooper team you should focus on veers snow trooper shore trooper death trooper and starck. Business, Economics, and Finance. Light Side · Support · Droid · Rebel · Galactic Republic · Resistance · Support. The best is Veers, Piett, Range, Dark, Gideon. I’d keep Piett with Troopers if I were you, his zeta is useless unless your team is pure empire, which stops you having the best team. I think both teams are worth building. As a fan of the movies and the franchise, when I started playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, I immediately got started on my Empire team. SWGOH General Veers Counters Based on 14 battles analyzed during GAC Season 45. XThe takeouts:- classic rebel team gets a. August 25, 2020 8:05PM edited August 2020. GUIDE | IMPERIAL TROOPERS GALACTIC CHALLENGE - FULL FEATS WITH A SINGLE TEAM | Star Wars: GoH Indigo SWGOH inFinem Its Just Ian Kiaowe • Klesso #8449. The following lineup has every character directly contributing to the runaway Trooper Train -- offense and turn meter being the keys -- in their own special way. life/assault-battles/Support me on Patreon - https://www. Power 31546 · Health 76,691 · Speed 139. Death Trooper should ONLY be used in this Phase 2 team if Chex Mix is not available. Hi Holotable Heroes, Today’s Update brings the Dark Trooper to the Holotables! This Update also includes several bug fixes, one of which will remove Galactic Legends Rey from non-boss combat nodes in future …. Starting off our list is Moff Gideon’s squad. com/channel/UCfMcn-SLGO_tOsHa3a0BbPA/joinhttps://discord. So now I am free to use a fleet that is less rubbish to get the critical hits and evasion feats without having to worry about rebels being in the lineup. those uniques belong to Veers L, Snow, Starck, Range. Jedi Master Obi-Wan and General Skywalker prove to be a duo to be reckoned with, especially in the Rancor raid. SWGOH GAC Counters SWGOH GAC Ship Counters Who To Attack Top GAC Squads Top GAC Leaders GAC Leaderboard Scan Player GAC Insight (Beta) GAC Navigation SWGOH Bossk Counters Based on 941 battles analyzed during GAC Season 45. Veers, Starck, Death, Snow, Range. Jump to navigation For a graphical overview of this Faction go to Imperial Trooper. SEE = Sith Eternal Emperor, The Galactic Legend Palpatine. Troopers/IT Imperial Troopers TW Territory Wars Vets Veteran Smuggler Han Solo and Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca WAI Working As Intended Wiggs Wedge Antilles & Biggs Darklighter XB Xanadu Blood Yolo Young Han Solo z Zeta Used to identify a character with one or more of their zetas, name of …. They are fun and the list of bonus stats is long: + 20 speed + 10% max health + 10% health gain …. Presumably, we’ll be getting at least one more imperial remnant/imperial trooper, and my money’s on scoutrooper. Empire Tank that can Taunt and surprise enemies with unpredictable damage. Also, make sure mass assists are off cooldown for the beginning of P3. Not my favorite team but they are manageable with the right team and/or disks. A lot of people have started swapping out Gideon for Starck because Gideon is overkill in . The old farming plan of maximize legendaries with Phoenix, Seperatists, Jedi, etc does nothing anymore IMHO. com/c/STARWARSDAD/joinJoin NOOCHtown on Discord! https://discord. Magma there so that storm trooper gets extra tenacity so he can resist dazed from adds. Dark Side · Support · Empire · Support · Imperial Trooper · Imperial Remnant. I waited forever to hear my troopers. gg/p/774196712/characters/?f=Imperial+TrooperAll the RNG for this team is i. 2:04 - Kits for Characters 7:12 - Modding 9:21 - Leaders 10:21 - Arena viability/ Territory Wars 13:06 - Territory Battles/ Galactic War 14:54 - Raid. When you follow the documentation in that link for creating those pages correctly it should automatically add it to this page. Check out all the latest SWGOH Characters, stats and abilities on the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes App for iOS and Android! Dark Side · Attacker · Droid · Empire · Attacker · Imperial Trooper · Imperial Remnant Offensive Droid who supports a Droid team with extra stats and debuffs the enemy team Power 37507 · Health 59,637 · Speed. Personally using itf / Biggs/ kru /fotf to break into top 20(still in my first week of unlocking fleet content) Biggs X-wing, and Imperial Tie. Krennic lead (instead of Thrawn), with DT, Veers, Starck, and Snow is an extremely potent team. About : Here's a quick look at how I completed all the feats in the latest Galactic Challenge, plus a few bonus teams that may be helpful to early game players. gg/CvSmc5JPatreon Page - https://www. Shoretrooper, Magnaguard + B1 (Grievouse does a lot of damage to magnaguard) and L3-37. The first team on our list is led by the one who endured the most. Take the 4 that you don't use with your other IT team - it really depends on if you use any of the other 2 for things like LV tanks or not. If you are planning to farm just the most optimal set up, then you want the core 3 + Dark and Gideon. This data is pulled from the top 1000 Kyber GAC players in SWGOH, and consists of data from 999 characters. All Galatic Republic Jedi team or Basti Lead Jedi (support characters for Zealous Ambition, like yoda) Mid Game (Normal Mode): 1. Caveat: a slow undergeared Revan team is a juicy target for high level troopers, obviously better geared Sith Empire has no obvious weak point which is a must for Troopers to flourish. com/paypalme/skelturixswgoh ️ Support me on Patreon: https://www. without any team composition), starck is straight up better. Vader has the easiest counter with her as her start of encounter bonus turn plus stun effectively makes it so vader can only auto-attack while the rest of the team is either slowed or killed (surprisingly so many side characters die in Iden's initial …. tv/itsjustiantvCome check out discord - https://discord. March 9, 2021 5:18PM edited March 2021. For information about that faction, please see Imperial Troopers. All Imperial Remnant allies gain 15% turn meter. IMPERIAL DOCTRINE will establish fleet arena domination with an early Executor capital ship!. Sapnil90 - Jimbo6 - Mos Eilith - Bastion Creed - Moldy Eliza - PrenzelDante - MazKanata - TheVFactor - LordQwax - BΛDFΞΞLING - LA One - DarthJrod1633 - xairic - Hosk the Enforcer - Simon S - Blue89 - Wlm04d - Piett - DarkSideShadoww - Baron Samedi - DAXAR KLAKK - Cass5a - Mol Pokey - …. Max 2 times per turn, but you must lose TM twice for it to happen Does the following section “ Whenever an Imperial Trooper ally begins a turn or attacks out of turn, all Imperial Trooper allies gain a stack of The Emperor's Trap until the start of the next enemy turn, non-Imperial Trooper ally's turn, or the end of battle. A few other characters can slot into this team as well like Nightsister Acolyte, Nightsister Spirit, and even Enfys Nest. Confident in using zVeers as the leed, wtih Starck, Death Trooper and Shoretrooper but I could use some advice on the 5th. I love my trooper team but FO is worth it for BB8. This set provides a bonus of 10% Speed and 15% Potency. There are many ways to complete this mission depending on your roster and current gear level of your troopers, so consider this a general outline to be tweaked based on your own Trooper roster. -Geos are great if you have Mothma as well and use both on D. This Iden Versio mod set is used by 20% of the top 1000 Kyber GAC players in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Is a good team and is important for the zetas for Defense of Dathomir 22. Range Trooper is a aggressive empire support that provides other imperial trooper allies with assist chance. Super imperial trooper team: Veers, Piett, Gideon, Dark and Range troopers. Type Heroic Battle: Runs 24 hours Requires Ewok: Reward Imperial AT-ST - Gear 1. Welcome back everyone, this will likely be my final SEE counter for some time but I couldn't resist making a video showing you all how to counter high relic SEE teams with mostly G12 Imperial Troopers. Mod a G12+0 StormTrooper for 3 defense sets with 3 protection primaries, 1 crit avoidance arrow, and then he gives all Imp Trooper allies 30% defense allowing them to survive easy, and he can tank better than any other Imp Trooper at R7. MagelG Flametrooper Pls • 2 yr. I love your tldr-counters (shown below for those who aren't discord users), but would love them 100x more if they were updated. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Database · SWGOH. So how about an account thats already lvl 85 -returning player at around 400k /500 k. Datacrons Data Disks Galactic Challenges Gear Raids Scavenger Relics Shard Shipments Events Quests Light Side Battles Dark Side Battles Squad Cantina Battles Fleet Battles Mod Battles. Imperial Troopers get a unique ability called RAPID FIRE and Bounty …. GUIDE | IMPERIAL TROOPERS GALACTIC CHALLENGE - FULL FEATS WITH A SINGLE TEAM | Star Wars: GoH. Evasive support character that Confuses foes and strengthens mixed-faction interplay with Translation. A lot of people are getting their Imperial Troopers up for Territory Battles, so decided to make this video that should answer a lot of questions about them. GAC S eason 45 - 3v3 Season 45 - 3v3; Season 44 - 5v5; Season 43 - 3v3; Win % Sort By; Win% Avg Banners Seen You can click units to filter squads by that unit. While he was long an afterthought in the SWGoH universe, the April 2017 update has added relevance to Stormtrooper. About : THE FIRST TEAM RANKING IN GALAXY OF HEROES FOR 2023! Link to the graphic - https://cdn. Imperial Trooper allies have +35% Critical Chance, +35% Offense, and +35 Speed. For example, Snowtroopers can Vanish to dodge attacks …. Does take some time, but is perfectly well on full auto, never lost a toon (or protection due to attacks). Ok, just gear your baze up and they are an easy win, replace Ezra. gg is discontinuing their public API, I'm forced to discontinue support for swgohcounters. tatooine: imperial trooper Bonuses for Hutt Cartel! Recommended Level: 50+ Overcome familiar foes with powerful Modifiers, and complete Feats to earn exciting rewards!. This Sith Trooper mod set is used by 23% of the top 1000 Kyber GAC players in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Profundity #swgoh #starwars #galaxyofheroes #profundity #malevolence STAR WARS DAD 1578 views 13 hours ago. Let’s take a look at what mods will best enhance Captain Drogan in Galaxy of Heroes. Han stuns the officer but the enemies come out firing, weakening L3 badly. the core for good offensive troopers team is high CD, CC, Assist, armor pen and TM gain. So we’ll probably end up with imp trooper team of Veers, starck, Piett, range, snow/magmatrooper and a remnant team of moff Gideon, dark trooper, stormtrooper, death, and scout/whoever else they give the tag. A guide to the Assault Battles: Rebel Roundup event in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, where you can use your Rebel and Clone characters to fight against Imperial Troopers and Bounty Hunters. An ambitious Imperial Officer who supports his allies while plotting their demise. Dark Side · Leader · Scoundrel · Attacker · Bounty Hunter · Leader. So are Bounty Hunters, Geos, Padme, Grievous, etc. The most potent and balanced trooper team imo is this: zVeers, Starck, DTrooper, Range, Shore. Last updated: GAC S eason 45 - 3v3 Season 45 - 3v3; Season 44 - 5v5; …. Imperial Troopers are an extremely important/powerful part of this game. This attack deals 30% more damage if Range trooper is buffed. Rebel Roundup challenge tiers 1. I used 2 teams because of the 30 stuns requirement. See Character Shards for more information. I recently got the idea to upgrade my imperial trooper after I got my death trooper to gear 11, I looked on swgoh. Storm Trooper - you can make an argument between 8 and 9. These troopers can heal each other’s wounds, dispel powerful debuffs, buff their allies with mighty bonuses, and deal devastating damage to. Thank you! Imo, the only zetas you’d really need on imo troopers would be Veers first, then emperors trap on piett. I did it in 2 tries with r8 Piett, r3 Veers/Starck, g12 Snow/Range. The Emperor's Trap can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented. Imp Trooper are a fun team to have, but they have no real viability towards end game in any content except their 2 assault battles. If you use Piett and Gideon you should be able to daze more than normal and control the other teams. What is the current best imperial trooper squad? From what I can tell it is Veers lead, Stark, and Piett but I’m not sure who else. But, a even a two-tap is still a win in most situations. ; Assault Battle: Rebel Roundup to acquire Rebel shards, Gear 12 Finisher. If there's ever a 5th Imperial Remnant/Trooper member that's support and not essential to Veers team (and on that same note Shore should get the Remnant tag since we see them in Mandalorian S2 but whatever), Gideon's lead could actually see some use then. For each active Imperial Trooper ally, deal 10% more damage and reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1. September 20, 2023 | SWGoH: Rise of the Empire – Phase 2 Light Side Special Mission – Unlocking Zeffo; Search for: Also, it is possible that the second assisting ally is also an Imperial Trooper – especially if you’re running a team of only Imperial Troopers (excluding Krennic, Vader, Palp, Tarkin, Royal Guard, etc). he has better synergy with the others and Id use Gideon for other empire teams eg vader. I typically say that whatever . This Conquest series begins a new trio of Conquest events, with a new Imperial ship as the prize at the end of Conquest 24 in January 2023 and Projecting Power datacrons to farm. Holo-Array (Triangle) – Health mod with +36% critical damage – all other stats gained are bonus. Seeing as how all Imperial Troopers are Empire faction, and Snowtrooper can reset his special cooldown, and they're all really fast when enemies are dying, yes you can keep someone fractured longer. This is another nasty team, although a bit easier to take on than zMaul. If Dark Trooper would be defeated while it has 2 or. Grab popcorn and watch the ewoks die. Shore Trooper can be useful if you need a tank but most. Power 31546 · Health 67,528 · Speed 147. All other troopets/BH were too weak to survive wave 1, while Boba kept reviving and gaining huge amounts of offense through the event—specific ability. Best DR: Bastila fallen, Darth Malak, Sith empire trooper, sith marauder. I am having trouble getting a couple of the feats in today's GC. A little guide I put together to help guild mates who are struggling with the IPD mission. In addition, they could add a Flame Trooper character with Gideon synergy, and a basic or special ability titled "Burn Them Out," which Gideon ordered a Flame Trooper to do in Mandalorian S1E8. If the enemy is buffed, the Electrostaff Purge Trooper has a 40% chance to deal damage again and Dispel all buffs from them. com details some basic SWGoH counters that are simpl. His unique ability at level 7 reads: “Whenever an enemy is defeated while Veers is active, Imperial Trooper allies have an 80% chance to gain Offense Up for 2 turns, and a 40% chance to gain 50% Turn Meter. SWGoH: Quick Tips for Success in Conquest 28. Phase 4 (Nihilus): NS at G12 are good for 5-6m damage. I was under the impression that Gideon was the new optimal 5th to be fastest and open with Control The Situation to start the …. That's the best lineup for the traditional Imperial Trooper lineup. 224th Imperial Armored Division. Between the combo of offense up, CD up , 50% O from gideon, and all that emperors trap, you are going to murder the other team. Good day to wherever you are reading this and thank-you in advance for you input. Interested to see my mod setups? https://swgoh. ended up doing CLS again but i ditched han and chewie since they made the battle too fast to get enough crits, brought in chewie+threepio and farmed assists with …. There are not a lot of results for this data slice. So, there are a few option for Trooper Linups, but the best ones all include the following 3: Veers Lead, Piett and Gideon. Don't get me wrong, but a trooper team in itself is insanely good. Rest of the team are Darth Vader, Gideon, and Dark Trooper. Thrawn Shore Storm + 2 (Tarkin, Palp, Probe Droid, Vader, TFP are all solid choices) If there’s a Trooper only mission: Veers/Snow/Starck/Storm or Shore (Your Choice) / Deathtrooper (if no Zeta) or Magma. Honestly a toss up between him. Read the mechanics in the "Details" tab of the raid in game, but essentially DN has a lot of protection that needs to be burnt away before you score damage. May 6, 2018 5:32PM edited May 2018. Dark Trooper · Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes · SWGOH. 8-21 to make sure he doesn’t go before DT) Veers ( (Range speed +20)x0. Phoenix Squadron / Imperial Troopers / Geos > Padme > JKR > DR > Malak > SEE Going for SEE as your first GL instead of SLKR doesn't fulfill your objectives. Starting Empire/Sith Squad — Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums. A human loses a limb and his effectiveness falls to 70%. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Events. Not really, but a lot of other stuff can and troopers can beat almost all LVs if they’re reliced up. Arena and Character Strategy — Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes …. Pretty impressed so far with Iden Versio taking all the leftover Imperial Troopers and doing pretty well in Dark Side Geo TB in SWGoH!. The 22nd edition of Conquest is here as we start to dip into the Holiday Season. SWGOH GAC Counters - Season 21 (5v5) Based on 397,053 battles analyzed during GAC Season 21. Maybe suggest a team to unlock content /contest arena before putting together the geo trio. Dark Trooper is the best damage dealer and Gideon is (by far) the best "guy who's super-fast and goes first to get things rolling" but Starck can replace either one of them and the team will still be functional (though losing Gideon can mean you're not able to take out faster enemy teams). Veers lead If you are using Gideon and the enemy team does not have an effect that prevents turn meter manipulation, I think you can get away with your second fastest unit. In fact, this team comp has no unit with a 'Leader' tag. A Great Sith Empire Counter. Keep Piett's imperial ambition on dark trooper. Install Raid for Free IOS/ANDROID/PC: https://pl. me/shatteredorderJoin us on Twitch! https://www. P3: Imperial Troopers can do the whole phase, CLS Rebels can go very far, there's also a CLS Han Solo cheese that's very RNG but can do most of the …. If the ally in the Leader slot is Imperial Remnant, whenever an enemy begins their turn, Scout Trooper gains 10% Turn Meter, and whenever Scout Trooper has her Turn Meter removed, she gains 25% Turn Meter (stacking, max twice) at the end of the turn. TFP does additional damage to debuffed enemies, debuffs on crit, and debuffs on his special. Team counters are compiled from many different contributor's and sources. But if you have the gate ready and range trooper/ veers / piett/ stark or Gideon and at least relic 6 it should be at least easy 6%. At the start of battle, if no other allies have the Leader tag, whenever a non-Droid Imperial Trooper ally attacks out of turn, they gain 2% Offense (stacking) until the end of the encounter, Critical Damage Up for 2 turns at the start of each encounter, have +100% counter chance, and while enemies are Vulnerable. I have a solid Rebel team via the Phoenix Squadron and have been working toward an Empire team currently. To unlock the event, it requires at least 4 million Galactic Power and tiers require Relic 3+ characters. Based on 17,444 battles analyzed during GAC Season 44. 234,897,510 9,642 - 19,348: 2022-08-07: …. Anti-revive would also make the battle quite easy if you can survive long enough to get it off. The goal is to leave the General Veers squad intact while assembling a separate Trooper squad under Iden Versio’s capable command. (I did have Stormtrooper and Range Trooper in there in place of Shore Trooper and Magma Trooper until I built my Imperial Remnant squad. Phase 4 of the The Pit (Challenge) is the final phase of this challenge and adds the abilities above with a reduced cool down for the Devour ability. Hello fellow SWGOH players I'm interested in a Imperial Trooper Team with, of course General Veers and Colonel Starck, but instead of Stormtrooper, Magma Trooper, and Snow Trooper I would like to use Death Trooper, Shore Trooper, and Range Trooper and I would like to know your Opinion on this. Starck is inherently faster by a good margin (+25) so you really need to out mod them. The last slot should really be piett or range, not director krennic. Geos are far from the best defensive teams unless you are a starter. His kit has some specific anti-Light side synergies that lower Tenacity and help the squad land even more …. Just wanted to share this quick video of IT taking out a more developed Jabba team in TW! Looking forward to trying out this counter in GAC as well. Hey, RancorRider here, with a deal for you : apps makers, Discord bots developpers, spreadsheet geniuses, etc. About : A detailed and comprehensive guide to starting a SWGOH account in 2023. Didnt look at your profile but all FO are pretty easy farms but FOST. Quickly becoming a fan-favorite, Moff Gideon is a brutal Officer from the Empire-Remnant era. Also, while you gear Baze up, just use Thrawn, fracture zombie, kill old daka, then kill talzin. SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War Event. 685 posts SWGOH Dev Team FINAL TEXT: Imperial Trooper allies gain 10% Turn Meter for each stack of Dark Trooper Squad the Dark Trooper has. me/uvgy7lbc and get a special starter pack! Available only for the next 30 days!Join the Kyber Club. Gideon or dark trooper depending on the situation. Bonuses for Imperial Troopers! KAMINO: JEDI Galactic Challenge Bonuses for Separatists! TALES FROM THE OUTER RIM V Marquee Event Earn Dark Trooper Shards! NEVARRO: MANDALORIAN Galactic Challenge SWGOH. I was just wondering what gear level and characters i should obtain for imperial troopers to get these shards as i …. But so is basically every other team. Developer Insights: Iden Versio. On the offensive side Death Trooper gains an above average Physical Damage increase of 2,706 but his 17. Take out Jyn first, then cassian, then the random rebel on the left, then take your pick w the pathfinders and K2. Use JML’s aoe stun when it’s up, otherwise just keep passing attacks to …. gg GA history, it seems to be drawing pretty strong counters, which is still a win. Check out all the latest SWGOH Characters, stats and abilities on the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes App for iOS and Android! Dark Side · Leader · Empire · Support · Imperial Trooper · Leader · Imperial Remnant Moff Gideon. which is crazy, since death trooper’s unique explicitly gives him boosts with both krennic AND imperial troopers, making it make even more sense to give the director the tag. Best team composition for Emperor Palpatine (Leader) I have EP as leader. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Characters Filters Imperial Trooper Imperial Trooper Dark Side · Leader · Empire · Support · Fleet Commander · Imperial Trooper · Leader Admiral Piett An ambitious Imperial Officer who supports his allies while plotting their demise Power 37507 · Health 57,107 · Speed 179. struggled a lot, i'm sure i could do it but i need stronger rebel fighters. Best Imperial Trooper Team Swgoh is the ultimate guide to building a strong Imperial Troopers team for the mobile battle game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). While Range Trooper is active, Imperial Trooper allies have +50% chance to call another buffed Imperial Trooper ally to Assist when they use an ability during their turn, doing 20% less damage. Veers adds 15% crit to all troopers and stormtrooper needs to not crit in order to get the expose. This set provides a bonus of 15% Offense and 15% Potency. Yeah i just pay very little attention to attacker etc. Focus on building three teams (light side, dark side, and fleet) in the early game of SWGOH to avoid increasing the difficulty of Galactic War, with specific . While Veers is active, Imperial Trooper allies have +15%. We often get caught up with the top teams in Galaxy of Heroes and neglect lesser teams today I want to remind you why to not neglect other teams like Impe. Veers, Piett and Range are the mandatory three, actually. Based on 24,833 battles analyzed during GAC Season 44. Regardless of what team composition you are using, you need 1 person blindingly fast. Optimal lineup will be Veers lead. Proving Grounds is a 24 hour event that runs monthly immediately after Conquest. The SWGOH Imperial Troopers team is a powerful and versatile roster of characters designed to take on various missions. My favourites are BSF and Moff Gideon. Five Imperial Troopers, two of them Purge Troopers, greet me and look to make my life difficult. Nevarro: Mandalorian (P) vs Imperial Trooper (E). The zetas on these characters are not fully fleshed out yet. Difficult question to answer because of every team in SWGOH this one is the most coordinated and most dependent on each other. Same idea if you have Piett move first. “Come, Fight Me!” (Basic); Deal Physical Damage to the target enemy. If you can’t, do Gideon’s mass assist and take out Hera first. She was added to Galaxy of Heroes in August 2023 to. FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to. Just get kills to get a tm train. My opponent put veers, starck, piett, snow, shore but both snow and shore are very low gear but the other 3 are high (starck and piett are relic and veers g12). Apply dazes and staggers as needed, apply inevitable failure as needed. While Scout Trooper is active, Imperial Trooper allies have +10% Critical Chance and Imperial Remnant allies have +10 Speed. Veers is the best lead for troopers hands down though his unique zeta works under any empire lead. Any team not immune to TM manipulation and without a passive TM generation (like nightsisters), or base retaliation, will never get a turn. SWGOH General Skywalker Counters Based on 1,059 battles analyzed during GAC Season 45. If he's alone, yes, despite his new passive where he gets 5 percent tm for locked buff, you can still ramp the damage on him. SWGOH General Grievous Counters. Vids: 8m+ HSTR P1 With Bounty …. Rebel Roundup is an Assault Battles event that requires Bounty Hunters and Imperial Troopers characters. A Mandalorian leader and support unit that collects beskar to buff her team and rally them. Scout Trooper Stealths for 2 turns. All you have to do is send in an even weaker team before-hand to put the special abilities on cool down. At the start of battle, if no other allies have the Leader tag, whenever a non-Droid Imperial Trooper ally attacks out of turn, they gain 2% Offense (stacking) until the end of the encounter, Critical Damage Up for 2 turns. Light Side · Leader · Clone Trooper · Galactic Republic · Attacker · Leader · Bad Batch. TOPICS: Admiral Piett Darth Vader Empire Imperial Trooper Mods 2. Plus they're needed for Rebel Round up. Veers, Piett, Dark, Gideon, and Range was the best on defense (24. My rebels are rubbish, but I got that feat just by having three rebels as RIs that never saw battle. Once you have the turn order right. EP (L), Vader, RG, Shoretrooper, TIE Fighter Pilot. Admiral Piett has +60% counter chance. SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War – Phoenix Gear. Candidates include but are not limited to General Kenobi, Amilyn Holdo, Old Ben, Scavenger Rey, Resistance Trooper, Raid Han, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Chopper, K2-SO, Wampa, and Imperial Probe Droid. However, the core 3 to making that team work are Veers (Leadership), Piett (unique), and Range Trooper (unique). Do anything else (70%) Aurra gets a turn. The ability could be an AoE, inflicting burning, reducing turn meter, and dispelling enemy buffs. HSTR Farming Guide – Phase 1: RJT. Any tips with this group?. SWGOH Veers Counters for Grand Arena · SWGOH. I know imp troopers are better for offense by far. You can read Iden's full kit here, but she seems specifically geared to fit great in an Imperial Trooper team and allow players to add another . Piet and Imperial Troopers wipe out Ewoks. Based on 3,095 battles analyzed during GAC Season 44. I second this, people still think veers unique goes first, but Piett's unique is what makes the troopers gain insane amounts of TM and offense, Veers only guarantees the tm gain on a kill while Piett can. Wrecker slow and last so the other team gets out of Tech’s stun and Wrecker re-stuns them. But Xareth is saying to use Starck instead here, and he's generally. If you want to further zeta them, go for the second piett zeta, then go for the Starck zeta. Tactical Deployment: Moff Gideon, Death Trooper, Darth Vader, Imperial Probe Droid, Wat Tambor Now wielding the notorious Dark-saber, Moff Gideon sets his sight on his next conquest. A squad from the Clone Wars era, this team is led by Padme Amidala who grants her special. Don't bother putting the best character in the game with them. Scoundrel turned Rebel sympathizer that helps her team deal area of effect damage Power 35311 · Health 68,713 · Speed 183. Imperial Troopers into two Squads. Nice to see a relic'd imp trooper squad. At the start of battle, if all allies are Imperial Troopers and Moff Gideon has exactly one Tank ally, two Attacker allies, and one additional …. 100% sure its Zinn leading a resistance team, the TM gain and exposes is enough in every fight to win. Imperial Remnant Leader that sacrifices his weakest allies to stay alive and controls the battle with insight. Phase 3: Anakin cheese can solo it, Imp troopers with Piett and range can definitely solo it. Do imperial troopers work at low gear? I am planning on getting veers and starck to 12, and piett/Gideon/dark to g11. Imperial Remnant allies gain Speed Up for 2 turns. Range trooper really helps ensure the veers turn meter train keeps going. Strategy is that piett marks dark trooper, then train the tm vith buffs. Orlando regionals round results and team lists. Veers - he's not the best, but his leadership ability is what truly makes the team go. those 4, are also enough btw, as troopers can win 4v5 easily enough. She provides max health and protection, plus recovery and extra turn meter gain. I kinda thought that was gonna be the key. Quick short guide for earlier to mid game players to maximise rewards with unideal rosters or characters for the Coruscant: Imperial Troopers (Bonus: Sith) G. CLS - Gk Zarris, Bastila, Rex, JTR, Nute, nightsisters, Palp. The Nightsister Zombie rework recently dropped in SWGoH and today we test it out in arena, how it does in the Sith Raid, and whether Imperial Troopers can st. This page presents the best mods for Range Trooper in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. gg/u/dexxterlab97 • Well I have Shore trooper at 5* from my Imperial troopers team would you think that is good enough? Reply dexterlab97 swgoh. Gideon is a must in Imperial Troopers. 0 Posted By: ljcool110 September 4, 2020 Welcome to the best mods for Admiral Piett, the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at the top mods for SWGoH characters. SWGoH: Quick Tips for Success in Conquest 22 – November 2022. There are variations and other ways Scout Troopers help Imperial forces, but this is the area we felt best aligned with our game and needs. Also, if you have other suggestion, will. but a key is keeping Chewie’s AoE dispel for after the Range Trooper’s stomp. He will knock back your tm to 25% and Rancors tm won't budge. EDIT: I'd leave suborbital strike to the end, but it is a good zeta nonetheless. Imperial Troopers in phase 3 sith raid (t5). His kit fits the Imperial Troopers well as early debate had him replacing Shoretrooper or Snowtrooper, but today we will concentrate on which mods are best for the Range Trooper and address team …. Leaders are filtered separately. Dispel all buffs on the primary target. DT is basically the one trooper who is non debatable for a spot on an Iden team. Check out all the latest SWGOH …. So colone starck is better than magma what avout shoretrooper can i replace him with starck or would that be a terrible idea. Tank helps, but it all depends on which teams you are using against and whatnot EP does provide some benefits to Sith but Dooku and Nihilus are being wasted under him, its better to use Empire units with EP lead, and the only Sith units that you should use are also ones with Empire tags (aka EP and Vader). 2 Of his requirements, Colonel Starck and Admiral Piett, make for a very solid Imperial Trooper team. Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Dark Trooper: Dark Trooper has an interesting kit that will likely be impacted by the addition of other Imperial Remnant characters in the future. I had been running nightsisters before, up until about lvl 80 when my troopers all hit 7 stars and gear 8+. Piett's emperor trap is priority one, Veers unique next, then control the situation from Gideon or Dark trooper's Bombarding reinforcements. 3K 77K views 2 years ago Huge highlight from our 33 Max Stars Geonosis Territory Battles Separatist Might attempt! Imperial Troopers are easily one of the best …. While the Electrostaff Purge Trooper is active, Imperial Trooper allies have +35% Critical Damage and Jedi enemies have -15% Defense. These elite troopers often work in the shadows, operating best when the enemy doesn’t even know they’re present. Dark Trooper; Team Counters; Community. Gain instant turn due to starting off in Stealth and the ability's properties. Check out all the latest SWGOH Characters, stats and abilities on the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes App for iOS and Android! Dark Side · Leader · Empire · Support · Imperial Trooper · Leader · Imperial Remnant A Mandalorian leader and support unit that collects beskar to buff her team and rally them. Expect a team focused on the Book of Boba Fett/ The Mandalorian to be the new meta this summer/fall. Hoping for at least 3 stars since it was backed by a beefy poliwrath and gyarados. Veers lead with piett and starck is needed range is needed 95% and the last slot is filled with snow death shore or gideon. SWGOH GAC Counters SWGOH GAC Ship Counters Who To Attack Top GAC Squads Top GAC Leaders GAC Leaderboard Scan Player GAC Insight (Beta) GAC Navigation SWGOH Shaak Ti Counters Based on 1,054 battles analyzed during GAC Season 45. Imperial trooper team : SWGalaxyOfHeroes. Their mechanic is simple: kill one enemy, and the rest follow quickly. Optimal Imp Trooper lineup / speeds / turn order : r. Required for content Characters Legendary Event: Daring Droid to acquire shards for R2-D2. Marksman Training (Special) Cooldown 2. Got the evasion-10-times as well. In the most recent edition of Galactic Challenges the major Feat is to beat the Empire enemies with a full squad of Imperial …. Find out how to use Iden Versio and her Empire allies to dominate your opponents in 3v3 and 5v5 formats. * transition to Imperial command squad: Palpatine, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, Tie Pilot. Imperial Troopers with Piett Steamroll Challenge Tier 3 - Rebel Roundup - SWGOH Assault Battle. Imperial troopers are absolutely worth it. This Imperial Super Commando mod set is used by 14% of the top 1000 Kyber GAC players in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Imperial troopers led by veers is still miles better than Gideon lead, and will net you more wins and fun compared to Gideon lead. The alternative (and newest) Imperial Trooper team has Iden lead, usually mixed in with Death Trooper, Magma Trooper etc (troopers that aren't leaders). Merch: https://xaereth-prevails. I’ve been grinding out all the clones, Cody, Echo, Fives, Arc, and 10 shards away from Rex. DSTB team, good starting arena team, and ez to get early game. However, that being said, the uses for troopers are growing. There are few, however, who have caught a glimpse of a squad of Scout Troopers and survived. Lineup is most likely going to be Veers, Starck, Piett, Dark Trooper, and Gideon or Snowtrooper. The victim will lose the fractured condition when Thrawn either moves or dies. I'm building an empire/imperial trooper team and I know that death trooper is great in both. Currently using Snowtrooper, Death Trooper, Stormtrooper and Magma as that’s what I had with at least some gear on them. Shore 5* 85 G8, 7/7/7, 30k health, 18k protection. For dstb, here is your best trooper setup: zVeers, shore, storm, snow and starck. In addition, Stormtrooper removes 10% Turn Meter from each enemy whenever he is damaged while Taunting. I think it's LV, Maul, Piett, RG, +1 (usually Thrawn, DV or Gideon) I think DV is the best call since Gideon can replace Piett on a trooper team and thrawn can go almost. A deep dive into SWGoH Scout Trooper Kit + what is going to happen with the imperial troopers??. The Sith Trooper was released in February 2017 as part of the Lord of Hunger events in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Territory Wars Guide – The Defensive Teams. Imperial Assault Commander: General Veers, Moff Gideon, Admiral Piett, Dark Trooper, Range Trooper. These troopers can heal each other's wounds, dispel powerful debuffs, buff their allies with mighty bonuses, and deal devastating damage to. BB8 makes them fast, Nute gives you two possible kills for GG bonus turns, DDK can have big one target damage, Wat makes Magna beefy and speeds up B1 if you give him weapons tech. At the start of battle, if all allies are Imperial Troopers and Moff Gideon has exactly one Tank ally, two Attacker allies, and one additional Support ally, excluding summoned allies (in 3v3 Galactic Challenges or Grand Arenas, if all allies are Imperial Troopers and Moff Gideon has any combination where the team includes no more than one Tank. Iden Versio, Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper, Magmatrooper, Death Trooper. Most teams have one weaker character to abuse this on - in the tier 2 list in this infographic I'd say that it could be done on FOO in the FO team, Zam in the BH team, Carth in the OR team, TFP in the Empire team, Q'ira in the solo team and Res Trooper in the JTR team. I try to dominate the first 3-4 days. But separatists + Wat is superior against GAS and Jedi Reven. Actually you can do it without MG with this team + 1. Combining Rebel, Imperial, and droid forces, they offer a wide cast of abilities. Shaak Ti (Clone Troopers) is a team led by Shaak Ti that centers around lots of assists, counter attacks, Turn Meter gains, and damage increases. Imperial trooper squad — Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums">Imperial trooper squad — Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums. Imperial Fleet is an Omega Battle that requires 3 Resistance or Clone Trooper characters and has 3 Tiers with the last Tier rewarding Ability Material Omega. But he doesn't add to the fleet. Also, besides Veers and both of Piett’s which other zetas should I aim for? 56. Team Effort! True Pride and Accomplishment right here. SWGOH GAC Counters SWGOH GAC Ship Counters Who To Attack Top GAC Squads Top GAC Leaders GAC Leaderboard Scan Player GAC Insight (Beta) GAC Navigation SWGOH Iden Versio Counters Based on 1,828 battles analyzed during GAC Season 45. gg and they don’t look hard to gear up, I also saw some videos and they look useful. Don't Sleep on This New Team! The Newest Imperial Trooper in Galaxy of Heroes is Wat Tambor!? Don't Sleep on This New Team! Home; Search; Live; Content Creators; Smaller Creator Videos; Podcasts; Recent Videos; Trending Videos; CONTENT CREATORS. See JKR: Embo-led bounty hunters: Budget: Greedo, Boba, Bossk, Cad/Dengar: Embo is on a high hard node, but still easier to acquire than many other team comps. Range Trooper has +70% Tenacity while he is buffed. 663 posts SWGOH Dev Team › SWGOH Dev Team. JTR, BB8, R2, C3, Holdo for everyone who doesn’t have MG. This team's synergy is one of the best with Jedi’s, the only possible switch would be Ki-Adi-Mundi in favor of Commander Ahsoka Tano. ARC Trooper (Attacker) (5-G Cantina) Clones are a popular and effective team , and are receiving consistent updates from Capital Games to make them even better. Nightsister Zombie Rework! Can Imperial Troopers Still Win. Hope you guys enjoy the video!. Boba Fett, Scion of Jango Unique Abilities:. He meant Tank Trooper from Mando chapter 15 i think. Ability block, no ice breaker, no counter. SWGoH Zeta Review: General Veers – Gaming. SWGOH Darth Traya Counters Based on 438 battles analyzed during GAC Season 45. View the statistical breakdown of the top GAC Lord Vader Counters on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!!. Where Do Imperial Troopers Fit in SWGoH?. Two key aspects to beating the Nightsisters you either need to prevent revives, have great AOE damage, or both. Seeing as teebo hita for about 150k your magna should be fineUsing b1 as a damage is pointless, stack speed. Conquest Teams Strategy — Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums. also Iden kills veers with no trouble. Imperial remnant squad — Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums. Troopers are still good in 3v3, but it’s harder to get the train really rolling like in 5s, so it doesn’t punch up quite as well. For example, Snowtroopers can Vanish to dodge attacks and provide instant. More details can be found on my Discord or Patreon. The 2 buffs from starck has great synergy with veers's lead and guaranteeing crits for snow to pretty much endlessly aoe. This Role Playing Miniatures item by Wargames3D has 386 favorites from Etsy shoppers. Check out all the latest SWGOH Characters, stats and abilities on the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes App for iOS and Android! Dark Trooper Moff Gideon Leia Organa Captain Drogan Scout Trooper Princess Kneesaa Taron Malicos Jedi Knight Cal Kestis Imperial Remnant Affiliation. Here are few factions to not relic and the reasons. Power 55327 · Health 97,187 · Speed 365. It is legitimately embarrassing how little CG tests out their new characters/omicrons. My Imperial Trooper team Veers, Piet, Stark, Gideon and Shore Trooper. Death Trooper has a 50% chance to gain 100% Turn Meter whenever Director Krennic takes damage. For TB where you need to run multiple squads: If no missions are troopers only: Krennic (L), Veers DT Snow Starck. Main Focus: With a strong base Speed of 182, Captain Drogan is in line with many of the more recent additions in the game like Scout Trooper, Tarfful and more. Another variation of Imperial Troopers, this time with Iden Versio who is our 'non-Leader', Leader. Beginner Intermediate Player Tips & Tricks Tutorial. For Troopers, the turn order itself isn't super important (Piett fastest or second fastest though to mark someone), it's more that you want the second fastest to be fast enough so that it goes from the fastest to the second fastest without the. If they're faster than your Wampa you're toast. Gideon's special is nice but kind of a luxury zeta IMO. I designed this farming guide with the intention of building solid Arena/Fleet teams to generate crystals as a F2P and get to SLKR quickly. Snowtrooper gets 30% TM and gives his Empire allies 15% TM whenever an enemy is defeated, plus gives other Imperial Trooper allies 20% CD. if it’s veers, i would say you should put gideon, dark, range, and. Gideon and Range? Or Dark trooper?. Name GP Player Skill Rating Arena Rank Fleet Arena Rank Role. Aggressive Tactician Unique Team Abilities: Whenever an enemy is defeated while Veers is active, Imperial Trooper allies gain Offense Up for 2 turns, gain 50% Turn Meter, and recover 10% Protection. These buffs can stack up pretty fast, as Veer's whole toolkit is focused on providing …. Fleet Discord's Beginner's Guide to Ships 2. This set provides a bonus of 25% Defense and 25% Defense and 25% Defense. Imperial Troopers and Bounty Hunters are my two that I use the most, Sith Triumvirate is what I turn to if I'm out modded/geared to the point where the other two won't cut it. They have great synergy with each other and can be used anywhere the Empire can be. Imperial Troopers get a unique ability called RAPID FIRE and Bounty Hunters get a unique ability called MANY DISINTEGRATIONS. AhnaldT101 on X: "I feel like almost weekly we have a new Imperial. Welcome to the July 2023 Road Ahead! Today we’re going to discuss so many amazing things we can’t even contain ourselves. Tenacious Empire Attacker who expertly takes out foes while supporting her squad. Max rewards Tier 10 Death Star: Imperial Troopers vs Scoundrels Galactic Challenge | SWGOH GC X Home; Search; Live; Content Creators; Smaller Creator Videos ; Podcasts; Recent Videos; Trending Videos; CONTENT …. Stormtroopers are a common sight throughout the galaxy, maintaining order on countless Imperial-occupied worlds. Veers, piett, range, gideon, dark is the best IT, end of story. SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Mod Slicing – How To & Mod Salvage; SWGoH …. He’s great with imperial troopers specifically in this lineup: General Veers Lead Piett Dark Trooper Colonel Starck and Moff Gideon. I’m currently making a Veers Imperial Trooper team w/ Starck, Snow T, Death T, and. Autoplay for Max rewards Kashyyyk: Imperial Troopers vs. Iden Versio has arrived in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!. He'll take at least 3 turns before you mow him down, don't attempt if he has friends. Power 31546 · Health 75,149 · Speed 118. Dark Trooper Beats GL Rey With Imperial Troopers! Troopers Bea…. Well-rounded Rebel Attacker with extra attacks, Stealth, and team Critical bonuses. If either of those is a problem for you, then replace dark with starck, the team will still run smoothly, and you get your SEE req. SWGOH: Thrawn and Iden Version help Imperial Trooper vs Lord …. Details of how to use and mod Stormtrooper within specific teams can be found on the following pages: <<>> Add links to internal or external guides in list format here. Power 35311 · Health 77,605 · Speed 186 Dark Side · Leader · Empire · Tank · Leader · Unaligned Force User · Inquisitorius. Shore trooper is good for slkr cleanup or vs faster darth revan teams, to absorb the first hit. Support character that debuffs, taunts, and defensively buffs, with Rebel and anti-Empire synergies. The main core of the team being veers, stark and piett, from there, if you want this team to be a huge GAC menace, slap Dark trooper and snow trooper, that team then becomes a huge menace.