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Mr Metokur Jadecom/mistermetokur/*DO NOT WATCH THESE VIDEOS HERE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH AND WATCH THEM ON BITCHUTE*I Mirror Ji. The 10 dollar personality test is not without issues, because of his large patreon donation amount. While TheAljavis had already stepped down as the director of the project and bringing Mr. But also there's been an internet war against Ethan Ralph and Nick seems to be defending him while Metokur is in the opposite. Since Susan finally gave him his money, Jim has been retired to a vast retreat in the province of Connaught and is composing a multi volume epic. Metokur the online persona that is dying. Bean retains all the charm that made. Metokur doesnt want to show his face on tv just yet. The IBS/Kumite days were a golden era of autism, but just about everybody involved has turned out for the worse (Ralph becoming a ragepig, Donga being exposed as a fraud, Metokur getting literal cancer, etc. During the drunk crying stream Ralph admits to being a false flagger. The screencaps are over ten years old and the guy could have changed and adapted over the years, but is that really the case here. Habermanm was on ED and both Haberman and Internet Aristocrat were on Metokur. Original Stream from Failure Terminated. 00:00 - 3:33 Intro3:33 - 5:17 Jim Joins28:29 General Banter53:59 Jim Kneels to the King58:50 Super Chats, Jim's Thoughts on the Commentary Community. mister metokur if he was an alarm clock. Mister Metokur rants about Salvo Pancakes, attacking him for minutes based on largely debunked allegations. Bean captured the hearts of millions around the world with his hilarious antics and silent comedy. An effort to archive the complete works--videos, series, streams, appearances--of Mister Metokur ("Jim"), prolific content creator for over 15 years, who has stepped away from Internet streaming as of 2022-12-31 due to serious health issues. Jade on Twitter: "ask @misterantibully, our good friend and bull…. Food made a lasting impact on the culture of cooking shows on television. Wasn't there a stream where he fingerbanged her? Menu. Destiny always had the burden of proof when he claimed something but metokur never did. Metokur says he wants to get on TDS again : r/TheDickShow. Publication date 2022-04-22 Topics Nick Fuentes, Mister Metokur, Michael Alberto, Cozy. David Sherratt & the Mystery of the 10k dollars (Mister Metokur's. I've never aligned with him politically, but have always found him to be one of the most interesting people on the internet. An emboldened Mersh complains that Mr. com/c/MisterMetokurDon't forget to buy a hat -- https://metokur. Thanks to the creator for allowing access and upload of his content to use within fair use with permission. Mister Metokur Crazy Social Justice Warriors- Feminist- Rape Culture Hysteria. He and MrMetokur had a debate about politics. co/user/EphromJosineTwitter -https://twitter. Time stamps:00:00 - Intro06:02 - Stream Starts11:42 - Fuentes. Tales of Trout Part 4: Dox, and Doxxes, and Doxxxing Oh My: With Mister Metokur, Carl Benjamin, Jean-François Gariépy, Jeff Holiday. It should not be hard to have them put four solid stars and a star outline on the hat. Most of his post seem to be commenting on Kiwifarms related drama. He also touches on his religious vie. Credits:Mr Metokur: https://www. php/Internet_Aristocrat#Quinnspiracy_Theory_Video_Series00:00 part 1: The Five Guys Saga Pu. The only issue I have with places like that are when they doxx. youtube comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. If you found it please reply I'm trying to find it. Other reupload with chat: https://www. com/mistermetokurFacebook: https://www. The content posted to the platform is not reflective or representative of the views of Bit Chute. So he spent it complaining about Ethan Ralph and pushing lies about salvo pancakes. Her story is one of hard work, resilience, and determination. In this edition he talks about Wings of Redemption getting cucked by the the Shoe Baron, No Ralph November, Twitte. Jims final stream should be him impregnating jade in order to continue the metokur bloodline. Oh uh and also he will be back to his old schtick in couple of months. Nick Fuentes Debate starts in 4 Hours. Mister Metokur: Jim Watches Cenk Endorse Bestiality. Published Jan 7, 2018 504K views 26:35. The monetary value of jade varies depending on several factors, but jade-adorned jewels can sell for prices between $1,000 and $100,000, and this precious gemstone can fetch prices of up to $3,000 per ounce. Clara Sorrenti on Twitter: "I also don't know who Mr. The Cancerless Jim Show presents "The Ballad of Mister Metokur (Part 1)" An in-depth history of his early Internet history up to the JIM81JIM era. Metokur doesn't talk about him anymore. In recent years, animated television shows have gained immense popularity among audiences of all ages. Mister Metokur is known for Tinseltown Comes Tumbling Down (2017), Mister Metokur Livestreams (2017) and Tales of Trout Part 1: Rage Before the Storm (2017). It's getting to the point that making jokes is a joke. a gigachudbud that bully the Ralph (rage pig)and the destroyer of all *cough*cough*furrys AND ANHILATOR OF DEVIENTART FETTISHES. Jim is in his late 30s now, that’s why he makes references to gen-x ruling the world. They found a listing of his childhood home on some reality website and found the same room he was standing in. This video advocates no harassment and simply serves as information and entertainment. High quality Metokur inspired Coffee Mugs by independent artists and designers from around the world. Since Mister Metokur was on Youtube for a very extended time, he created many series to be able to either mock everyone who is mentally ill (or is a Furry/Feminist) in order to criticize individuals he did not like. Add the fact Jim has constantly(up till metokur) changed usernames/accounts every few years, and the chances of a cousin connecting the dots is low. com/channel/UCfYbb7nga6-icsFWWgS-kWw. Thanks to a Peacock Documentary about wrestling, he has now become the famous. May there be more Valetines days to come. Adding to this a bit, Metokur is/was an old school 4chan type guy: merciless troll, bully, believed the internet should forever stay a place where people spammed gore videos and called each other the f-slur over and over. Porter is a household name in the world of entrepreneurship. Metokur (AKA Jim) has a patreon now (rumor is cause of medical bills), be a great time to get a god tier guest to shill for some shekkles. Was almost starting to think it was all a lie. I looked for Jim's twitter which was, we wuz kings (or something like that) and found jack shit. There are two main height and four main length options when it comes to the size of shipping containers. And also probably will be popping on YouTube for an end of March round-up. For the love of all that is holy pls recommend this anime to Mr Metokur. Hero or Villain: Mister Metokur. Metokur back on Twatter, Says he Prefers Poast anyway. com/@morningswithmetokur:0/SaturdayMorningOnAThursdayNightSub. If Jim/Jade don't have official Facebook or Instagram accounts, then any tagging of them in photos is just manual text, rather than a link to a user profile. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. I do believe now he has something going on that's beyond him just being a shit head. Reviews There are no reviews yet. GUNTWAVE #14 - Jade Edition - You know Mister Metokur, but What about Jade? DO NOT DONATE or ELSE I will call you out!. High quality Mr Mister Metokur-inspired gifts and merchandise. Mister Metokur embarrassed Sons of Kojima in 45 minutes. In ideal world, Mr Metokur would be a game show host or something, I hate the guy but he has such a nice voice and his intonation is brilliant. Mister Metokur Classic T-Shirt Bucket Hat. The pig huffed and puffed in the beginning then half way through the stream turns into a therapy session. 2014-11-01 Lazy Saturday Stream. 6K subscribers in the MisterMetokur community. His older self gives off John AND Scott the woz vibes. Addeddate 2023-02-15 23:37:26 Identifier completemetokurarchive Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1. Search for mr metokur on odysee Reply lessnumbpoet • Ima tell my Wife's boyfriend's kids this was Jim & Jade. Jim Metokur always said that the internet was the dreaded C word and now the dreaded C word will be what causes his departure. A Man And His Dog Complete Edition : Mr Metokur. I personally think phil should do the debating about himself, since he would be the best advocate. He's highlighting the hypocrisy. “What is her problem all the damn time? Why can’t she just chill out? We don’t have problems, she has pr “What is her problem all the damn time? Why can’t she just chill out? We don’t have problems, she has problems. Is Mister Metokur Jim81Jim?— 127. Back from the dead, Jimothy delivers a crushing blow to Mersh, giving him something to talk about for the next five months. com/@morningswithmetokur:0/Thebankmanboogieandbooze:0https://youtu. Featured content New posts Latest activity. Metokur was Habermann's site whereas Habermann was a regular user on ED. The original at the moment mentioned METOKUR and that while the alt said pretty much Good job whoever took my account, enjoy the whiny commenters 7:07 p. Good to see Jim is streaming again. Mister Metokur just aborted the gunt. No not that it was a different stream. It seemed an inevitability, and it happened. Mister Metokur was not Jim's first channel, but it was perhaps his most well known. A collection of the videos archived from the channels and streams of Mister Metokur. That mother fucker had so much talent. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. stream song : r/MisterMetokur. Is his retirement permanent or is he on hiatus? : r/MisterMetokur. Subscribe to @Mister Metokur https://metokur. Jim (Mistermetokur) vs Skeptics : r/Destiny. And then some man will be standing by the corner with a car waiting for Metokur. Obviously if it was, he would be adjusting his audio a little, but just listen to some of the inflections in his voice, I’m not so sure it couldn’t be him. I'm sure that fat fuck Null already saw Jim's face already. That's probably what you're referring to. Mister Metokur - Complete Archive. It's finally happened - at long last, Pippa and Jim have a direct conversation after an entire year of buildup. TLDR: Internet Aristocrat always seemed like the same person as Habermann. Fuck you for making me think we had a real new Metokur video at last. Mister Metokur Merch Indoor Pillow. Business, Economics, and Finance. #Mistermetokur #ArchivingChudbuds #PuritySinGamingNotes: Enjoy! I'm trying to build an Archive with all of Jim's Videos and Streams. Streams every Saturday at 9am CST (10am EST). It be a tragedy if jim never got to procreate. The metokur vs ralph showdown below. If some videos/streams are missing and want to contribute to this archive, upload the video to youtube (as UNLISTED) or odysee and tweet me the link @Xyzern. Mister Metokur's 2022 coverage of Ethan Ralph. He appears to simply be inspired by Mr Metokur. As I recall, Jim is quite conservative. Mister Metokur Presents TGWTG Episode 1: Nostalgia Critic. [Happenings] Mister Metokur has just had his Youtube account banned shortly following his twitter ban. Sargons Guide To Winning Elections. Jim's grand finale stream: The Last YOTC. - Habermann: everything about the IA was carefully constructed to appeal directly to neo-conservative imageboard / reddit / general MRA culture, likely with the goal of building up just. Jim and Sargon have quite the past. Metokur on Article 13) youtube This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A [deleted] • Additional comment actions Mister Metokur Tons of butt-hurt Europeans in this post. Is this something we think he should be doing, we should show some support. All seven episodes of Mister Metokur's TGWTG series. artist formerly known as d mc Published on May 21, 2019. He's the one that calls them as he sees them. Maybe he’s just hanging up the mic because the swatting affected him and Jade more than they initially thought, and decided that it was best for their. It seems that all things must come to an end. Re-upload of the Mister Metokur episode talking about The Game Dude, a derivative internet personality from the late 2000s based on the AVGN. Reminder: you need to have at least 75 edits and to have been registered for at least three months to be eligible to vote. 6M: Mister Metokur Crazy Social Justice Warriors- Feminist- Rape Culture Hysteria. MisterMetokurArchive directory listing. So be on the lookoutI'm uploading the whole Me. Tariq Nasheed and Mister Metokur Mindbreak a VTuber. Source: I have a buddy who has one of those custom clothing companies. He might carry on streaming in 2023 but if his health is really that shit then I doubt it. It's ironic you say fight cancer with cancer cos some doctors use other diseases to fight cancer because how the immune system reacts/ignores it believe it or not. Mister Metokur Graphic T-Shirt Dad Hat. #Metokur #MisterMetokur #BetterHelpJim explains to chat the medical odyssey he's been on since he left us last after he found out he had "cancer". I said that somewhat instinctively, yet after thinking it through I I'll stand by it. BACK IN 2019, METOKUR EXPLAINED TO SARGON HOW TO WEAR A SUIT. Mister Metokur Classic T-Shirt. Jims final stream should be him impregnating jade in order to. Metokur's classy goodbye after a wondefully vulgar career. Mister Metokur | Mornings With The Manchild | Church of Gail Children's Book Cont. Mister Metokur Merch Classic Crew Neck Comfortsoft T-Shirt. Metokur's series is (like 'Deviants') as usual investigative, revealing, funny and was almost every time an introduction to something hitherto. I recommended this to his friend Mr Anti-bully but my Twitter is pathetic so I doubt he saw. metokur actually dying? can't tell if keemstar is trolling">is metokur actually dying? can't tell if keemstar is trolling. Mister Metokur VS Furry Idiot #Killstream Clip. This archive aims to archive ALL of Mister Metokur's (Internet Aristocrat, GamesGoodMeBad, Jim81jim) videos and streams. com/MisterMetokur Facebook: https://. Metokur is a old and dying breed of internet troll who despises people "taking the internet too seriously". He mostly just goes after low-hanging fruit, which is fine, I just think he’s capable of more than that. Mr Mister Metokur Gifts & Merchandise for Sale. He knows the "Jim has fake Cancer" lie would get him attention. As he should for couple of months at least. GamerGate Tonight: Ralph, Metokur, Jade, Sargon, …. com/watch?v=ahnCDnMcc7E- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ran. He has known all along that he has a deadly decease. Mister Metokur | Internet Tough Guy: Tonkasaw. Tiller_s Amazing Calendar (James O_Shaughnessy Calendar Services). Is that even true? He seemed like a good man. Diablo Immortal: Damage Control Engaged. throw in the pandemic and its actually insanely dangerous for someone with Cancer. In today’s fast-paced world, continuous learning has become a necessity. #MisterMetokur #Metokur #PipkinPippa #Pippa #PipipipiDon't ask me where I got this idea from, look at the shit I put togetherAudio/video from following s. Not Dead Yet (Full Color) Sweatshirt. Metokur makes fun of his purse and Ralph throws a legendary tantrum. Phil would try to exploit it to make himself look like the good guy, he sees himself as Jesus. Mister Metokur goes in-depth on the personalities and scandals at That Guy With The Glasses. Jim's final live stream for Year of the chud The finale FULL STREAM super chats INCLUDED have a happy new year chud buds! Here's to a great new year! #Mister. 7M [2010-03-07] Sandra Lee, The Beginning Featuring Jim81Jim. By studying his method, you too can save those suffering from Not-Ali. I’m not going to worship a man who tells you basic lifestyle. Mister Metokur VS Sargon of Akkad Custom LEGO Minifigure Battle👑🦖 Subscribe AND turn on notifications for more LEGO videos from both of us! 🔆 Support the. Please spread the word if you enjoy Jim and our other videos. Metokur vs Masterson on The Killstream. Girlfriend, Business!!!The Plug Video By Metokurist Murdochian ArchiverJim on S'arg. Metokur wouldn’t make a gay edit like this. If that's true, that was more than 20 years ago. I noticed the original video archived was removed so I'm putting this up. He changed his legal name and got doxxed again a while later. Mister Metokur's Social Media:Youtube: https://www. Explore a whole universe of videos on Odysee from regular people just like you!. Reupload of one of Mister Metokur's greatest Sagas: The Ross Saga#MisterMetokur. G after the revelation and ousting. com/watch?v=xWXeAEJeMB0&ab_channel=MattJarboThe ori. There should still be archivist's on YouTube for his content. High quality Metokur-inspired gifts and merchandise. He will be to sick to stream in the near future. He's just trying to build of a nice cash filled bank account for Jade before he eventually passes. that stream was a shitshow in the best way possible. Full Stream of Mister Metokur vs Nick Fuentes on Michael Alberto's live stream. Mister Metokur Does a FACE REVEAL! (Stream Highlight). James Patrick O'Shaughnessy. Geishas & Gardens / MINT: 01/15/2023. Then find something to laugh about. Mister Metokur Merch Cloth Face Mask. Only he who believes in the heart of the cards will survive. Imagine if dsp concieved a child but jim didnt?!, At least store his coom in a cryo lab so he can be cloned and stored in a stasis to be opened later like it was megaman x or somthing and i hope jade aggress. His government name being leaked was by far the most monumental stone, after that methed-out NEET did a voter registration correlation between him and Jade at the same address. com/MisterMetokurFacebook: http. Deviant's Episode 9 - 61,320 Hour Op. He became well known for his participation in GamerGate but also more. Although I don't think Mister Metokur came forward with it so it's best to not include it in the article. Mister Metokur ( THE TALE OF BOHEPANS ) (22. I wasn't able to consistently catch your streams, but I enjoyed the ones I could watch. Mister Metokur tuned in, just for a minute, to see what was up. SoK just sits there and lets this man embarrass them without. com/c/MichaelAlbertohttps://cozy. Did Metokur get upset at dick for calling Corona a flu? Not sure but if this debate is Metokur (coronavirus is a huge deal) vs Dick (coronavirus is a nothingburger lul) then Dick is going to be btfo. Quick Reminder: Mister Metokur VS. Mister Metokur Merch Beach Towel. Consider Throwing Money at This Dumb Channel: Patreon. Alliterative Family: Jim and Jade. What kind of a freak is on the other side of that phone. Masterson - March 19 on the Killstream! I missed out on what happened. Mister Metokur Presents TGWTG Episode 1: Nostalgia Critic. Of course he also has cancer, but he's said the cancer is actually relatively minor in comparison. Metokur, and DSP says that he declined because Mr. Last night saw round two in the war of words between Mr #Metokur and #Sargon: and his band of merry men. This strategy depended upon hosting …. com/@morningswithmetokurSUBSCRIBE to Metokur --- https://youtube. Due to Mister Metokur retiring from the internet after his final livestream on December 31, 2022, it's time I talk about how Jim made an impact on my life. Metokur back on Twatter, Says he Prefers Poast anyway">Metokur back on Twatter, Says he Prefers Poast anyway. Internet makes chronicled by Jim aka Internet Aristocrat aka Mr Metokur. Mister Metokur aka Daddy Jim aka some guy on the internet that grown men still look up to kinda fell off. Mister Metokur Explains Gamergate to WoodysGamertag | PKASubscribe: http://bit. It's a friendly reminder that discord is run by furries and is reluctant to police. Jim watches the fabled Memology101 video "Cenk Yogurt - Descent into Madness". ) it seems unlikely Jade could cover up as him for that long before slipping up somehow for some turbo autist to find and expose. Jim and Jade (2023 colorized) 104. 4 - The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield. Most of them have zero talent and only get. Web Original / Role Ending Misdemeanor. The Gardens are now enchanted, and some Geishas are possessed by the spirits!. PKA Explains WingsofRedemption to Mister MetokurSubscribe: http://bit. Originally restreamed on April 22nd, 2022Around 130K views before channel got deleted Live chat was filled with nothing but knifes on Nicks side lolChat was. Lol and already 15 poasts in 3 hours. 3G [2022-05-28] Year of the Chud May Roundup 'Part 1' with chat. Most of the time the news is quite fresh, but if there’s an event that’s passed, and I still want to talk about it, then I. Classic Metokur and Jade Lazy Saturday Steamy Stream Crypical Jim 174 subscribers Subscribe 210 Share 12K views 3 years ago After some heavy liquor consumption the POL king denies the holocaust,. Jim Destroys a furry who is a Sargon of Akkad fan that made false claims. A LARGE amount of people will be seeing this. The man has made cars, planes and so much mo. No, I know you are joking but in the metokur video they don't fuck. Shikaki, 9pm ET July 30th: Dick Masterson, 3pm ET A number of people have asked Jim to come on to their Podcasts/Streams and this is a list he put together. Jimokur on Kino Casino Thumbnail by Namakura. The latest music, videos & news relating to your favorite hip-hop, R&B & future beats artists. Metokur telling people that none of them are his ">Clip of Metokur telling people that none of them are his. 45° walls, beadbord and wall colors, etc. Mister Metokur vs Nick fuentes (23. This online luxury retailer has quickly become a go-to destination for style-savvy men around the world. The case erupted into muffled shouts of protest, accompanied by the sound of bound fists beating against the interior. Metokur has some serious ego issues. For 33 years, he was the creator, showrunner and host of the American television series, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Last time I heard from him, Metokur gave the gunt, aka Ethan Ralph, a hard time with Mundane Matt acting as moderator of the debate. It’s always a beautiful day in the neighborhood thanks to Fred Rogers. They may have a embroidery machine for hats. Judging from what he said 2023 will likely be the year he dies. I still laugh when I think about how mad she was during this. Metokur's VideosThe videos you see were originally created by Mr. metokur_archive directory listing">complete_metokur_archive directory listing. com/watch?v=_5bANN_Z1uQMay he one day return. Alternative stream: https://www. Accomplished_Eye_463 He doesn't seem to realize that Metokur is smarter than he is. Is Mr Metokur/Internet Aristocrat really the same person as. Metokur (@Mister_Metokur) / Twitter">Mister Metokur (@Mister_Metokur) / Twitter. Baked Alaska is currently in prison for live-streaming January 6. Sad to see him go and for someone who is also fighting fight cancer, it hits differently. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. com/DVarchivedDisclaimer: I do not make any ad revenue from these videos, this is purely to keep delet. All Popular tracks Tracks Albums Playlists Reposts Follow Share. Gonna miss you brother, but that sadness will forever be outshone by the joy and insight you gave. Please watch him while you can. com/puritysinSubscribe Star- https://www. Mister Metokur 'Tis The Season Stream. In this episode of The Cancerless Jim Show, Jim ("Mister Metokur") goes down the rabbit hole into the twisted mind of Ethan Ralph. Metokur was the laughing guide walking us through the warped and bizarre, ridiculous, and twisted nature of the digital landscape. The episode where Jim interviewed him was a classic. Metokur seemed to like Fuentes back in the day, when Fuentes was also on decent terms with solid people like Ricky Vaughn, and seemed really promising - the pressure of the scene really messed that kid up. Donations/tips unnecessary, but. When Carl turned his internet politics into a real gig, it was only a matter of time before he needed to cut ties with him. She's Hmong, which massive amounts were immigrated here during Vietnamese bc they helped the US fight the vietkong and they would be erased from Vietnam if we left them behind. I remember back during darker times I followed Mister Metokur back when he was called "Internet Aristocrat". Figured just for historys sake & future internet scholars. Josh reacts to Metokur's swan song. Ralph is dying for attention and publicity and he’s losing what little followers he has. Metokur, or Jim, is the court jester. He calls Maddox an Orangutan because he can’t or won’t pronounce his last. It is free for anyone to opt-out of receiving advertising via the Interface tab on …. Metokur Org Gifts & Merchandise for Sale. the story between Destiny and Mr. The Ballad Of MundaneMatt (Mirror). There’s a picture of him on metokur. From the owner of the video he posted in (Mr. mister metokur, youtube, stream, video, videos, mister anti bully. It's a remix of the Bundeswehr Fallschirmjäger marching song, it always gets banned because the Christchurch shooter played it (alongside Remove Kebab, British Grenadier and others) during his live streaming of the mosque attack and the getaway drive. Metokur Gives Some Details On The Life Of DarkSydePhil Aka DSPGaming. 8K subscribers in the MisterMetokur community. On his own odysee the last one I see is the Christmas one where he said he had that one, and then one more to do and then he was done. Classic Metokur and Jade Lazy Saturday Steamy Stream Crypical Jim 174 subscribers Subscribe 210 Share 12K views 3 years ago After some heavy liquor …. Jim may begin streaming again (and open the merch store) to try and keep up with medical bills. Nick Fuentes vs Mister Metokur Debate VOD by Michael Alberto. Documenting this historical tumblr exposé by Mr Metokur. Obviously it’s not the same as Metokur’s streams but we have a blast. That said, this outlook might have actually given him some backbone, because he never. Real jade is heavier than glass or resin pieces. There has been no recent news or updates on the health status of Mister Metokur. Their account on YouTube has been around since 2018 but only feature recent Metokur content. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills or stay updated with the latest industry trends, choosing the right training platform is crucial. 6k viewers at stream start, stream reached 10k+ viewers. Mister Metokur, aka Internet Aristocrat, aka Jim81Jim, is a self-certified "anti-degenerate" (Anti-Furries, Anti-Bronies, Anti-SJWs, Anti-Deviantart, Anti-lolcows and Anti-Sexual deviancy) and politically incorrect Youtuber who is now active on Bitchute. Round One of the current fight occurred in September when Sargon accused Metokur of being a…. A friend of mine and I recently started looking at cringy content online and laughing about it. Find Mr Metokur-inspired gifts and merchandise printed on quality products one at a time in socially responsible ways. Internet madness chronicled by Jim aka Internet Aristocrat aka Mr Metokur. com/@UgandaPizzaPoliceArchive:5/YOTC_Nov22. Jim said he made a sex tape of he and his wife and his face is on the Internet. org">The Complete Works of Mister Metokur. Someone pointing to when it (allegedly) flared up before. What happened to Mister Metokur? His YT channel is dead and he hasn’t streamed in a bit. Your balls will hurt from cringing too hard. Mr Metokur offers his advice on living your best life. This advertisement has been selected by the videos creator, Mister Metokur's Archive. It’s wholesome how the Make-A-Wish Foundation was able to make Bimmy’s dream of being in a rock band come true. Destiny, peace be upon him and Mister Metokur is a strange crossover for 2022. Can someone explain why metokur now avoids the Ralph Retort. The news I’m about to bring you is a couple days old, but oh well. Published Dec 23, 2017 502K views 18:21. Reuploaded video from Jayd3Fox's channel. At All things in moderation, we are currently voting on restrictions on the use of LLMs (chatbots) in RationalWiki. We have a bit of stadia criticism to for good measure. TIME STAMPS LISTED BELOW00:08 - Thinkin Thoughts04:07 - RIP Eugene10:15 - It Was Bat Soup13:15 - J Curve18:00 - Fun at the Quarantine Camp27:48 - Bat Bite Eq. “Hi friends! My name is James Patrick O'shaughnessy, I'm a 37 years old internet celebrity from Forest Lake, Minnesota. Frank The Francisco @MattHol51951793. These things about Mister Metokur are subjective - not everyone will agree with all of them. The first one includes Metokur, Josh from KiwiFarms, Dick Masterson, Mumkey Jones, and the Killstream Trio. Mister Metokur and Nick Rekieta stream on Montagraph. metokur, mister metokur, ss, sweetie squad, squad, jiminternet aristocrat, mr metokur, mister metokur dramatic, mister metokur ice cream social. “@WeWuzSpartan ask @misterantibully, our good friend and bull”. It’s regarded as one of the better moments from the early run of the Killstream revival in 2018. MisterMetokur is ranked 1,052nd among all Patreon creators. Mister Metokur currently Live on his last stream before he likely passes away from his battle with cancer. com/puritysinGood Old Games- http://bit. Listen and share sounds of Metokur. The Cancerless Jim Show presents "The Ballad of Mister Metokur …. By offering early, long-form, and relatively uncontested coverage, Metokur was privileged to present a far-right reframing of COVID-19 that may amplify percep-tions of risk within an information-seeking audience. vocaroo nyanners is something else manFull Stream: https://www. Metokur: 2020 : r/MisterMetokur. Independent Mister Metokur Archive/Mirroring Channel. stream just before this one about the dox: https://youtu. Sargon, Dark Side Phil, TJ and all the other Lol cows are only lol cows that take them too seriously.