Hirudo Warframe Hirudo WarframeArchgun MELEE PRIMARY Pistol SENTINEL WEAPON Sparring ×. The Ignis releases a long reaching continuous spray of flames in a frontal area of effect, making it exceptionally useful for handling large crowds, albeit at the cost of high ammo usage and a fixed range. Alternate Fire cycles between Toxin, Heat, Electricity, or Cold elemental quills. This bundle includes the following items, with individual prices listed below: Nidus and included weapons will each come preinstalled with their. I just made a macro which I turn on while playing things like the Hirudo where pressing-and-holding my melee button (instead of tapping MiddleMouse) will run a macro that rapid-taps middle mouse for me. It can be sold for 7,500 Credits 7,500. Heavy Attacks performed by the Corufell transform the weapon into a Gunblade to fire energy projectiles. Like most Warframe ability attacks. Having Hema and Hirudo mutating with nidus as well as upgraded versions would be pretty cool. EH ABRE TU REGALO SORPRESA https://www. In a time before the Bleed+Viral meta, when every enemy had some amount of armor and shielding, when every frame had several abilities that dealt flat damage with a 130% ceiling on Power Strength, when Excalibur still had Super Jump and even Rhino’s Roar had yet …. The projectile's duration increases when it hits an enemy. In Voruna's hands, the sniper holds more Ammo Maximum. For the enemy, see Dargyn (Enemy). Sedna becomes accessible by defeating the Specter in the Sedna Junction on Pluto after completing the required tasks. Hystrix Prime is the primed counterpart of the Hystrix quill gun, sporting increased damage, critical chance, and status chance, and marginally faster reload speed. Hirudo Build - 3 Forma Hirudo build by Kramer2 - Updated for Warframe 29. Once Incarnon Form is unlocked, landing headshots fill …. Its Alternate Fire allows the very weapon itself to be thrown, inflicting a Bullet Attractor field on the heads of all enemies near the impact point. Good luck tenno! If you have enough rank and standing with Quill Onkko, you could get Magus Elevate, spam Operator mode a couple of times and get healed much quicker. Okay so relatively new player here 23-24 days and I am a big fan of melee and life steal in any game it's available so I gravitated to hirudo and loved it while clearing the star chart but I have hit a "wall" with my damage output as I just can't seem to effectively kill steel path enemies with my build (takes maybe 10 seconds to kill an eximus grineer) and I just can't see how I could make it. Can be sold for 5,000 Credits 5,000. The Stropha is a Corpus Gunblade with high damage, critical chance, and critical multiplier that shoots a single, wide but close-ranged shockwave. Warframe > General Discussion > Topic Details. r/Warframe • Abyss of Dagath - Dev Workshop: Hydroid. r/Warframe on Reddit: Order of release of new primes and …. How to equip Dimos Claw Skin on Hirudo? : r/Warframe. This weapon deals primarily Radiation damage. You don't need Life Strike with it because of its inherent lifesteal, and it also means you don't need to channel it. Launches a swarm of micro-missiles. The Sydon is a Grineer trident wielded by the Shock Draga. Im using her now trying to break her into my top 8 frames. The Soma is a Tenno assault rifle with very high critical potential, very high fire rate that is achieved after a spool-up period, and a large magazine capacity. Stance mod has polarity, matches Flailing Branch stance. This weapon can be sold for 7,500 Credits 7,500. The Ignis is a Grineer flamethrower used by Grineer Scorch and Hyekka Masters. com and would like to support me, give me a hand or return the favor for the five years I worked on this app (not sure it's a good way to say it, I've always been bad for asking help), please consider trying my kinetic novel, available on Steam. 4 Forma Hirudo Build by The. 2% Critical Chance (x2 for Heavy Attacks) -66. It has the unique ability to fire all four barrels simultaneously via Alternate Fire. Used Valkyr with Shattering Impact mod to remove armor from both bosses. This weapon deals primarily Impact damage on its melee attacks, and Heat damage on its Heavy Attack. Sampotes is a Duviri Hammer wielded by Dax Malleus. However it is 50% vulnerable to Void damage, and Eximus units hit by Null Audit also lose 50% of their Overguard bar. Forsken xiao 于1年前修改了此页面。 Warning: 花1分钟创建用户后就能进行编辑 :) 登录 注册. Hirudo 2023 - 4 Forma Hirudo build by T. The Pennant gains increased attack speed after …. This mod is acquired by attaining the rank of Pure with New Loka, and spending 25,000 Standing 25,000 to purchase. Keep in mind that you need a Kogake to build the Hirudo (this weapon can also be bought on the market). I reckon they could pass something off about the infestation manipulating the original Hirudo from the Primeish look to what it is now. Hirudo Blueprint 1X Hirudo Blueprint Kogake 1X Kogake Nano Spores 4600X Nano . Items in this category are weapons of Infested origin. When i use the Hirudo I wont get the hp buff it gives on crits if I'm not the host. Similar to Aura mods, Stances can be slotted into a special Stance slot on melee weapons, and they increase a weapon's mod capacity. Updated July 30, 2023, by Charles Burgar: Melee weapons have seen some great options over the past few mainline updates. The Melee Weapon That Turns Warframes to Immortals & DPS gods*****Keep the channel alive : https://www. 7 4 145,910 Rip into the enemy with fists of razor sharp cartilage. Has a base 10 second Combo Duration, instead …. Its Alternate Fire tosses the Ferrox as far as 50 meters, creating an Electricity field where it lands and pulls enemies towards it. Alternate Fire charges a powerful round that explodes. fm/N00blShowtek• Teamspeak: 195. STEEL PATH WF LVL UP -SEDNA SELKIE SURVIVAL-Hirudo guide by WAKA-NUKU-RAU. 4) Join our Quest to Conquer Cancer! 5) Cross Platform Play IS LIVE! 6) Echoes of Duviri is Live. The Akzani are Mirage's signature rapid firing dual pistols that rely on deep magazines to fuel its high projectile count per second. Turn foes into puppets with Teshin's versatile throwing disc. Throw Afentis onto the ground to buff allies with Ballistarii Might. Hits also grant the Invigorated buff, increasing max health by 5% for 5 seconds and stacking up to 5 times. Advantages: Good status chance. com/r/desrpg*NOTE IMPORTANTI:-Metti un bel Lik. The Spira are large Tenno throwing knives with high damage but low throwing speed. WTS unrolled Riven(Miter,Prova,Hirudo,Tetra,Zenith) By PinkMeowMeow, July 26, 2017 in PC: Trading Post. Are Mutalist Quanta and Hirudo funny? :: Warframe General …. Hirudo has 5% status chance by comparison. Atributos do mod: Critical Chance: 179. Stance slot has polarity, matching Brutal Tide and. 620K subscribers in the Warframe community. Kills build charges and seeking projectiles are unleashed with a Slide Attack to find and stun unwitting enemies. Stacks with Hunter Adrenaline for a total of 85% damage conversion. You can access the market from the console across the console where you access your quests. Its high Puncture damage makes it effective against heavily-armored targets, which combined with its high status chance allows its wielders to make short work of the Grineer who built it. シールド装甲値を両方持っている敵はシールドが優先されます。Twitterはこちら↓https://twitter. 5 Forma Hirudo Build by samuel42. If you're a new player you don't really have the necessary mods to make the most out of a certain weapon. The smallest red crit i've seen is 14k, as of yet, and i hit very very fast. For sale: Hirudo acri-cronitor, Riven Mod | Warframe Market. The Strun is a powerful shotgun that is the successor to the MK1-Strun. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'd guess that part of the reason for the Hirudo's low disposition is that it's innate healing mechanic makes it fairly popular even if it isn't full on meta. 6 Forma Hirudo Build by kappanat. This weapon can be sold for 5,000 Credits 5,000; it is also a requisite ingredient for Tipedo. The Aklato is a dual wield version of the Lato, which features a higher fire rate and magazine size, but lower accuracy and reload speed. r/Warframe Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. Nekros and Khora are 2 great frames for what you’re after. The Hirudo is pretty fast so Berserker might be overkill, I would personally swap it out for Gladiator Vice if you have it (although that's a matter of taste). Speaking of which, the Gladiator mods are very good on any build that uses Blood Rush so switching Drifting Contact for Gladiator Rush (if available) would be beneficial as well. Just now, Miser_able said: Well that and the fact that they're infested not tenno. While aiming, Alternate Fire adjusts the zoom, allowing players to deal with enemies at close and medium ranges. com and would like to support me, give me a hand or return the favor for the five years I worked on this app (not sure it's a good way …. But finding the resources to build things will be inconvenient. I now have a +cc +tox and have nearly 180% cc which means its wicked for keeping the health up in any frame. The Kuva Hek is the Kuva variant of the Hek shotgun, with boosts to its critical chance and falloff range, along with its damage, critical multiplier, and status chance surpassing the Vaykor Hek. 0x crit and 5% status that it's strictly a. For the Orb Vallis resource, see Hesperon. It is a requisite ingredient for Dragon Nikana. For Nidus, it refers to the theme. Let's take a look at the best melee . The Gunsen is a Tenno bladed Warfan. 【初心者向け】おすすめのヘルス回復手段 令和最新 …. So, for farming: Pick the right mission. Our Riven Price Calculator is the most extensive one available, with a database of over 220,000 Rivens covering more than 360 weapons. Advantages over other Melee weapons (excluding modular weapons): Tied with Secura Lecta for the …. The Cronus is a ceramic sword wielded by Captain Vor. This weapon deals primarily Puncture and Slash damage. It's good, but sparring weapons tend to not be used due to mediocre stances. Well, they did prime the Helios when it had lore about being designed by Alad V I reckon they could pass something off about the infestation manipulating the original Hirudo from the Primeish look to what it is now Gamma745 PC Member 2. For the soundtrack, see Archwing (Soundtrack). Stance slot has polarity, matching Crimson Dervish, Vengeful Revenant and …. The Lesion is an Infested polearm based on the Tipedo. The Xoris is a Corpus glaive possessing high attack speed and uniquely has infinite combo duration. Heavy Attack transforms the weapon into a …. Its explosive projectiles make it ideal for clearing out groups of enemies, which is counterbalanced by its limited range and projectile travel time. Less than 10kb/s or something that the game can't even transfer data effectively. Warframe, tutoriales, guías, builds,resumidas y lo mejor para su usoGracias por acompañarme en el canal!En Warframe PC búscame por llchacallWARFRAME PC : htt. The fast and brutal Dual Ichor axes will quickly tear through enemies with a high probability of inflicting critical damage. com/monkeys_mc-----楽曲提供 : taqumi. Its extremely high damage output, large status chance, and reload speed make up for its single round, poor critical chance, and critical multiplier. HIRUDO GROUND FINISHER BUG / HIRUDO BUG REMATE AL SUELO. This weapon deals primarily Impact damage. Unique neutral combo that slashes forward twice with both daggers and then hurls four consecutive fireballs. 626K subscribers in the Warframe community. Sourced from official drop table. This weapon can be sold for 5,000 Credits 5,000; it is also a requisite ingredient for the …. Торгуйте модифікаторами розколу для «Гірудо» на нашій торговій платформі | Яка їх ціна ? -> мінімальна ціна: 1 платини ⬌ максимальна ціна: 10,000 платини | Всього активних пропозицій: 170. Join 70M+ registered players in WARFRAME, the expansive free-to-play looter shooter! 18 corrupted worlds, over 40 legendary Warframes, unrivaled customization, and hundreds of distinct Weapons. This list represents data and drops from the PC version of the Free-to-play game Warframe. Arcanes are: Guardian and the one that gives Parkour Velocity on headshots. Tips for sortie Alad V Assassination? :: Warframe General …. Most notable ones are Hek (mod), Vaykor Hek, Telos Boltor, Sancti Tigris and Vulkar (mod). HIRUDO RIVEN - 5 Forma Hirudo build by Morgus - Updated for Warframe 31. and its lifesteal feature basically renders me immortal. Driven by feral rage, her attacks rend her prey with fury and ferociousness, while her tortured cries break the imposing silence of the Tenno presence. Players helping Players; 1) Welcome! Read the posting Guidelines! 2) Baruuk Prime Access is Live! 3) Community Stream Schedule 4) Cross Platform Play IS LIVE! 5) The New War is Live! 6) The Starchart Dojo Showcase : is Now Live!. Can tank up Inaros to max hp in just a few hits. In-Game Description The Garuda Collection can be …. Hirudo Viral - 3 Forma Hirudo build by ghostwraith88 - Updated for Warframe 32. On that same note you could also double up on the fist attacks and run something like Prisma Obex or Hirudo if you really just want to unleash a torrential downpour of knuckle sandwiches. Refer to the weapon's ability page for a list of mods that affect the weapon. Healing Crit Fists (heal ~900 health per hit) Hirudo guide by YetiOwner. This weapon can be sold for ‍5,000. On 2018-10-23 at 11:47 AM, Kyoresh said: probably Crit Chance, Crit damage, melee damage or attack speed. It is usually found in quantities of 100s to 200s. It is in the middle of the pack in terms of damage per second though, and it is the only one that is NOT status viable, which means it will fall off against. Headshot kills with the primary fire increase the weapon's fire rate and grant infinite ammo, but locks out the Alternate Fire. 11 hours ago, gogita said: Why are Nidus Prime's weapons the wrong ones and not the Hema and Hirudo. Muy breve explicacion de lo mas relevante de las Hirudo y una configuracion que recomiendo con dos formas y catalizador. The hirudo, is it a fist weapon or a sparring weapon?. I just bought Nidus Phryke Bundle. Sports high Status Chance, Multishot, and Reload Speed, but low Critical Chance, Fire Rate, and Magazine Size. I have a Hirudo I have forma’d several times and it’s max damage while at Rank 30 with no mods is 32. Blocking Combo is replaced by a Tactical Combo that hurls energy waves dealing Toxin damage. However, this is counterbalanced by its high recoil and damage falloff. Hirudo guide by Snow_Nightingale. The Pandero is Octavia's signature Pistol, firing semi-automatic shots with sheer power complimented by its high Critical Chance and Multiplier. 6) 7 3 64,830 Rip into the enemy with fists of razor sharp cartilage. I therefore suspect they won't get primed, and Nidus Prime will release with something else instead. Nakupujte a prodávejte Hirudo Riveny na naší obchodní platformě | Kolik to stojí ? -> Min. As much as they really should be though, those weapons aren't functionally considered to be his signature. Healing Crit Fists (heal ~900 health per hit). You have to crit with the Hirudo to leech health. Sadly, though it makes sense because of the lore, he won't have Primed infested weapons. This weapon deals primarily Impact and Puncture by a slight margin on its full-auto mode, and Puncture damage on its semi-auto mode. Warframe is an evolving game, with the balance of the game going under constant changes If anything, Digital Extremes can take notes of what is underperforming to bring other weapons up to snuff. Understandably you're using it to boost "Sac steel" from 200 to 250% bonus crit chance. The resources to build it are relatively easy to get and you'll need it anyway if you want to build Hirudo. When wielded by Octavia, alt-fire Headshot Kills increase Reload Speed. Hirudo however would probably make up for this with its passive, so even with lower damage output and reach only being useful for hysteria, it would probably work out well regardless with valkyr. 95 CRITICAL CHANCE 30% CRITICAL MULTIPLIER 3. Ash's bladestorm is not a Hirudo. Where do they go flying? No idea. If everyone start using stubba for a year or two, it will be min disposition for at least 6 months. Stance slot has polarity, matching Decisive Judgement, Tranquil Cleave, and Blind Justice stance. After you pressed 2 you are ready to go. This symbiotic burst-rifle leeches health to forge its ammo and then restores health with each headshotHIRUDORip into the enemy with fists. Look at them, they come to this place when they know they are not pure. Wash rinse repeat until you get it. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action…. The amount of Energy gained from damage taken to health is affected by Warframe Armor. Alternate Fire charges a powerful Radiation explosive. Looks like the list order was screwed up. The Tigris is a Tenno double-barrel shotgun. The Nagantaka is Garuda's signature crossbow, firing Slash bolts with a very high status chance in a semi-automatic fashion. Stance slot has polarity, matching Vulpine Mask and Cunning Aspect (Conclave only) stance. Tenno use the keys, but they are mere trespassers. A "radial slam attack" is the area-of-effect component of the melee slam attack. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. 00x animation speed Disposition (0. Warframe Atlas Prime Build 1. Golpes brutales con hábil movimiento. Does the effect of life steal or the passive from Hirudo still work when using Atlas' Landslide ability?. In-Game Description The Nidus Collection can be purchased for 660 Platinum 660 from the Market. With a lot of investment and possibly a riven: Pathocyst > Pupacyst > Cerata = Mire. [[Category:Hirudo Guides]] If the guide describes something about multiple Warframes, you can repeat the above code, replacing the names appropriately. Riven Dispo Hirudo : r/Warframe. Can use the Acrid-exclusive Toxic Sequence mod. Warframe Weapon Encyclopedia - Hirudo (2022) - YouTube. Hirudo have the ability to recover health whenever it crits but does that ability transfer over to something like Excal's exalted blade? Or Gara's…. The Boltor fires slow, heavy bolts that are capable of impaling enemies to walls. Affected by the Seismic Wave mod. The Hirudo is a primarily puncture melee, and it has good crit stats as well as lifesteal on crit. Advantages over other Secondary weapons (excluding modular weapons): Normal Attack. The Cedo is Lavos' signature shotgun, with a primary fire shooting fully automatic buckshot rounds with high critical chance and deals increased damage with each individual status effect affecting the target, and an Alternate Fire that launches an exploding ricocheting glaive with extreme status chance to amplify the primary fire's output. From then on, the system works largely like a Lich or Sister; the Quarry will infest planets and nodes throughout the Star Chart as long as there's an Infested version of the Tile Set. It was described by Linnaeus in 1758. A larger and more powerful blob can be formed using consecutive automatic shots or a single charged shot via Alternate Fire. If you disregard the fact that (spoiler), Nidus is the only primed infested equipment so far. It is also a requisite ingredient for Shaku. Fixed Korrudo having inherited the Hirudo’s Health on Critical Hits mechanic. But does anyone know if I had 100% dmg 60% crit or 100% dmg 60% crit dmg is better. Advantages over other Melee weapons (excluding modular weapons): Second highest base damage of all scythes, …. The increase to shield capacity provided by Redirection is applied after rank bonuses from …. Music provided by Remix MusicTrack: YME - In the 1980sVideo link: https://goo. This weapon primarily deals Slash damage. This weapon deals Toxin damage. Steflos is Citrine's signature shotgun that fires large Heat energy projectiles. I always play Nidus with Hirudo. Garuda was first revealed at TennoCon 2018 alongside Revenant. Is the life leech from Hirudo or Covert Lethality for finishers better? Press J to jump to the feed. Riven dispo must be low because 300% crit chance on this would make someone literally immortal. HIRUDO - 4 Forma Hirudo build by raph7 - Updated for Warframe 30. Weapon stats don’t show as intended on Hirudo. com/wiki/Kogake_PrimeWant my glyph ?https://www. The Syam is a Duviri Nikana wielded by Dax Gladius. Swap to a Warframe that heals itself for a bit, and use whatever Melee. In this Warframe Guide I will give you a list of the best mods that you definitely need in your Arsenal!No matter if Warframe beginner, advanced Tenno or vet. Puñaladas rápidas, cortes retorcidos. Topic of todays video, a very big winner, and …. Additionally, killing an enemy through a headshot will boost the speed of Nagantaka's next reload. The Sobek is a Grineer automatic shotgun that has a large 20-round drum magazine. Atlas is invincible while Landsliding. Warframe Third-person shooter Shooter game Gaming comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Used the hirudo as well for the innate lifesteal to stay alive Reply Ysmenir Gara the glass goddess |MR30 | • Warframe is a bit different to other games in that you canhave the "best" gun in the game but it will only work up to level 20 - 30 enemies without god mods. Maximizing strengths of the "Sparring Class" weapon: High single-target dps, High puncture. Complete a Riven Mod's challenge to unveil its possibilities, both rapturous and unfavorable. Which stance is the best for Hirudo?. If you are looking just for healing and not necessary "life steal", then take a look at any weapon with syndicate proc from Steel Meridian, Arbiters of Hexis or New Loka. I have a 60% crit 60% crit dmg -10% corpus roll, now I know this is obviously good. This weapon primarily deals Puncture …. However it is 50% vulnerable to Void damage, and Eximus units hit by Null Audit also lose 50% of their …. The hirudo are infested sparring weapons and was released in the 19. Octavia Prime Endless Build / +9999 Level 600 Min Record on Steel Path UPDATED! WITH MANDACHORD SONG. Can I Get A Price Check On This Hirudo Riven - Players helping Players - Warframe Forums. Advantages over other Melee weapons (excluding. my hirudo performs better than fine at sortie level. This bundle includes the following items, with individual prices listed below: Nidus and included …. Say you have a riven with 2 stats, they have 100% strength. Esp: Al usar la HIRUDO y rematar es posible buggear el juego y que el warframe se quede muerto estatico sin poder usar habilidades, moverse o tener la posibilidad de revivir, esto es muy molesto ya que uso las HIRUDO para farmeos largos y este bug arruina toda la misión. Allies who kill enemies with Ballistarii Might maintain the buff temporarily when they move away from Afentis. Laetum Build 2022 (Guide) - It's Absolutely Insane (Warframe Gameplay)Full and through build guide on the Laetum Evolving weapon. The Zakti Tenno pistol fires darts that explode with Gas damage after a short period, with a chance to proc. The status effect of Radiation damage is …. So I just have to hold MM and the Hirudo goes to town. Archgun MELEE PRIMARY Pistol SENTINEL WEAPON Polearms ×. Warframe: Hirudo Vs Steel PathMusic by Obie Hans - Floating Between - https://thmatc. Prisma Obex is from Baro, Hirudo require MR7, Furax Wraith parts drop from the highest level of Bounties (although it's currently unobtainable fully due to the rotations being bugged, thus preventing you from getting the right gauntlet), and Tekko is easily available. Throw on Viral or Corrosive, get some Galvanized Mods, and prepare to melt through …. While it suffers a very low reload speed and rate of fire, it is effective at laying down suppressing fire. Lvl 120 Corrupted Heavy Gunner. Los orbes de salud y energía no pueden ser recogidos –y por tanto convertidos– mientras que se tenga salud o energía respectivamente al máximo. Sizler için Chroma Warframe' inin ölümsüz(immortal) buildini anlattığımız bir video hazırladık. Sourced from official drop table repository. Wtb Berseker, blind rage, blood rush, body count, brutal tide, corrosive projection, growing power, primed flow, primed contiunity, overextended, transient fortitude, fever strike. Unlike Warframe's traditional land-bound gameplay, Archwing missions take place on a three-dimensional …. The Kogake Prime and Prisma Obex has status chances at 34% and 30% respectively, and are both very much crit/status hybrids. Hope u guys enjoy the video and the build. )As a Prime Warframe, Equinox Prime possesses a special passive ability …. In Kullervo's hands, his melee Combo Duration increases. The Bo staff deals mostly Impact damage, making it useful against Corpus. However, the Kogake was also good because it worked a bit . Hey Guys , I Hope You Guys Enjoy This Video , Hit That Like Button If You Enjoy The Video , Please If You Are New To The Channel Make Sure Hit That Sub Butto. It's not like adrenaline + life strike doesn't already. Cannot fire unless fully charged. Hirudo benefits form his passive-on crit it heals you. The Ferrox is a Corpus Speargun introduced and wielded by Index broker Derim Zahn. Titania is the second frame to have a known creator, after Saryn (also see. Not sure why people are recommending frames that don’t increase loot drops, which is the whole point about using a frame specifically for farming. It is significantly faster than Hirudo, but Hirudo has the health related bonuses. Copy 1 VOTE 0 COMMENTS ITEM RANK 30 5 / 70 Orokin Reactor APPLY CONDITIONALS ATTACK SPEED 1. Garuda's Abilities & model was showcased on Devstream 118. 20 s) Above average disposition ( (1. Hirudo stance? :: Warframe General Discussion. Ragdolled bodies fly in a straight line and can damage other enemies in its path. 10/10 for emergency HP healing. Slam Radial Damage deals only Electricity damage. Ask in trade chat for blueprint, most people will give you one for free, if they try to charge plat, tell them to get to fuck. A "direct slam attack" is a melee strike that hits a single target at the epicenter of a slam attack. Stance mods with a matching polarity to the stance slot will double their mod capacity bonus, while non-matching polarities will have reduced capacity. It requires 4 hours to collect Resources. Copy 35 VOTES 1 COMMENT ITEM RANK 30 4 / 70 Orokin Reactor APPLY CONDITIONALS ATTACK SPEED 1. Com punhos de rocha fria e o físico de um titã, Atlas dobra ro. This debuff lasts for 45 seconds, and repeated Operator deaths can stack Transference Static up to 4 times: first death reduces maximum health by 20%, Critical hits dealt by Hirudo. WARFRAME: HIRUDO THE LEECH. It deals a significant amount of damage, but can be hard to aim with because of its arrow-like arc projection. Plinx is a Corpus semi-automatic, battery-powered laser pistol with the ability to auto-refill its ammo passively similar to the Cycron. are the chances of getting a Hirudo Prime. Equilibrio restaura energía adicional cuando se recogen orbes de salud, y salud adicional cuando se recogen orbes de energía. Hirudo is a genus of leeches of the family Hirudinidae. Advantages over other Secondary weapons (excluding modular weapons): Silent. Prisma Obex is also better than Korrudo. The Grattler is a quad-barrel Grineer Arch-gun autocannon. If you use Mesa prime and hirudo, you’ll get stuck on your peacemaker animation and get “ability in use” whenever you do anything else, and you can’t back out of it unless you die. Its long reach makes it ideal for new players who want to keep enemies at arm's length. The life steal you get on from Hirudo naturally is pretty useful, but it doesn't really make it better than using an unranked Life Strike on any weapon capable of dealing a significant amount of damage imo. The weapon's impressive speed complements its high status chance and good Slash damage. Warframe; Hirudo; Topic Archived; More Topics from this Board. Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm mod (from syndicate) has the "100% additional drop chance", while Khora's Pilfering Strangledome mod (from syndicate) has the "65% additional drop chance". Best overall frame to farm anything with? : r/Warframe. Advantages over other Secondary …. Stance slot has polarity, matching Atlantis Vulcan and Mafic Rain (Conclave only) stance. 0x with Venka Prime equipped at 13x combo. Hirudo :: Warframe Players Helping Players. Hirudos go crazy : r/Warframe. #Warframe #Build #Hirudo #Pox #Nidus #Cargadorhelminto #Gameplay #Guia #2020 #NidusPLz #Viral #ViralBuild ⏱️Marcas de Tiempo⏱️0:00 Intro0:05 JoJo Reference 0. Statstick Atlas - 2 Forma Hirudo build by Alixoke - Updated for Warframe 30. Hirudo Riven V2 - 4 Forma Hirudo build by Nosf - Updated for Warframe 31. The masseter muscle is one of four muscles responsible for chewing. 倒れた敵一体当たり、10ヘルスを消費する (ランクマックス)。. 2アップデートでMagus Elevateの確率と回復量が上昇しました。 シールドと違い基本的にヘルスは自動回復しないためジリ貧になりがち。 死ななければ何とかなることが多いのでヘルス回復手段は用意しておきましょう。 結論 MR0 ~ Life Strike Medi-ray MR7 ~ Hirudo Sancti Magistar シンジケート. Maybe you are unaware but more or less AHK instead of graphical interface is pure scripting combining 2 things. Landslide gains 25% additional damage for each combo multiplier, up to a 3. There isn't going to be a 'Hema Prime' or 'Hirudo Prime . Nataruk is Hunhow's bow, forged from Sentient remains. Está empatado por el mayor multiplicador crítico entre las armas melee con los Carniceros …. Warframe Wiki is a player supported encyclopedia of the game WARFRAME, a free-to-play science fiction cooperative third-person video game by Digital Extremes. Trade your Warframe Rivens the easy way! Stop wasting your time staring at the trade chat or hope that someone will post your Riven of choice, sell or buy any Riven like a Pro!. Hirudo近接 Kogakeをもとにした格闘系近接武器Hirudo。貫通ダメージに特化しており、毎クリティカルヒット時、与えたダメージの5%分ヘルスを回復させることができる。 (ヘルスは、Warframeのランク0時のヘルスを基準にする。) ・上記クリティカルヒット時 …. Unique Block Combo thrusts the weapon into the ground, then pulls it out to release a 11 meter shockwave that …. Custom textures for his Shadow are allowed, but the Mesh cannot be edited. The Trumna is an Orokin-Era weapon created by the Entrati, a fully automatic rifle firing explosive bullets that builds charges on kills to allow use of the Alternate Fire involving a bouncing, high-explosive grenade. The Atterax is a Grineer bladed whip used as a tool of execution. Pound the beat for a dance of death with Octavia's signature prime pistol. Handle Infested tissue with caution. The Tenet Detron is the Tenet variant of the Detron pistol shotgun, featuring enhanced critical chance, critical multiplier, overall status chance due to increased multishot despite its base status being lowered, and accuracy that exceeds the Mara Detron, along with a slight increase to magazine size, at the cost of a steep damage penalty. TheRastaBanana Enter the Dominatrix • 6 yr. Advantages over other Secondary weapons …. general estimates based on the current patterns. Este é Atlas, o clamador, o forte. For the Boss on Earth, see Councilor Vay Hek. Nidus Prime, first revealed at Tennocon 2021, has received new information regarding his loadout as well as a possible release date window. Advantages over other Secondary weapons (excluding modular weapons): Normal Attack (wiki attack index 1) Above …. Hirudo is a melee that heals you on crits Subsume in eclipse for 75% DR when standing in shadows and +dmg in light Unless you have an insane warframe build that can nuke them (highly unlikely) you should focus on surviving. 0 )は Warframe、武器、コンパニオン、アークウイングなどを強化する特殊なカードであり、 WARFRAMEのアップグレードシステムである。 MODはパッシブ、アクティブ、アビリティを強化させる効果があり、さらにEndoと呼ばれるアイテムによってMODを強化できる。 ステータスを. I have just been rolling a Hirudo riven and had attack speed on it but I wanted cc on it to make it constantly trigger it heal steal. Want To Buy Hirudo Riven Mod. It is highly effective against the Alloy Armor worn by many high-level Grineer units, Corpus Robotic units and larger Eidolons, but is penalized against Corpus Shields and most Infested foes. Rather, the Tusk variant in the Plains of Eidolon can be stolen for personal use, but they …. In-game description Riven Mods are special mods for primary weapons, secondary weapons, melee weapons, archguns, and robotic weapons. Stick Blood Rush and Berserker on it and you'll tear through dudes; while it's native crit. Un baile entre hojas afiladas y disparos. The reason it's different for Nidus is because he's the first frame to be primed with an origin outside of the norm. price: 10,000 platinum | Number of active offers: 135. Cannot be equipped with Fury ( Primed). There aren’t many Sparring weapons. Its lackluster base damage is largely supported by its incredible critical stats, making the Soma a deceivingly powerful rifle. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter …. This weapon deals primarily Heat and Impact damage. Only I, Vor, know the true power of the Void. What do you guys think about Hirudo is it a good weapon? Althought it can regenerate your heal with each hits some people said it's so bad. 1) Welcome! Read the posting Guidelines! 2) Wisp Prime Access is Live! 3) Community Streams Schedule. This weapon deals primarily Toxin damage. Warframe Weapon Encyclopedia. This weapon deals Corrosive damage. price: 10,000 platinum | Number of active offers: 156. Garuda is a legendary bird-like creature in Hindu mythology who serves as Vishnu's mount. During a Wall Latch gain +17% Damage Reduction. EDIT* ADDED Dual Toxocyst Ballistica Prime Heliocor (ty ZacAtac26) Arca Scisco Arca Triton (ty OMGMySpleen). However I don`t like being stuck to one melee weapon or stance, and I don`t like being forced using melee every 20 seconds because something, something, reasons, OMG-I-am-gonna-die, HIT ANYTHING with life strike NOW. They don't have pairing bonuses with Nidus. Stance slot has polarity, matching Bullet Dance and High Noon stance. With the widest shot cone of all available shotguns, the Boar excels at dealing with large groups of lightly armored enemies at close quarters but quickly loses its effectiveness at mid-long ranges. Arcane Avenger and modding for crit gives me constant red crits (and this is since before blood rush was broken and then fixed) and the movement is. The buff increases reload speed, fire rate, and ammo pools and reduces recoil. It is designed to fulfill the role of a mobile assault vehicle that one man can operate. Pressing Alternate Fire shoots single rounds with higher damage per bullet and critical stats but lower status. Applies to Status Effects that deal damage over time …. Direct hits have a guaranteed Impact proc. Second highest fire rate of all sentinel weapons, behind Prime Laser Rifle. The Assassination Target on this dwarf planet is Kela De Thaym, who is located in the mission node Merrow and where the blueprints for the parts …. It features higher than average zoom and high, balanced damage making it potent at long range, but has very poor critical stats and a slow reload speed. 82 patch notes have been confirmed today by developer Digital Extremes, with the update now available to download for PlayStation 4. Titania was the second known Warframe to actually fight and kill the Dax: Orokin soldiers; the first being Inaros. Additionally, they gain increased status chance while wielded by Atlas. 2アップデートでMagus Elevateの確率と回復量が上昇しました。 シールドと違い基本的にヘルスは自動回復しないためジリ貧になりがち。 死ななければ何とかなることが多いのでヘルス …. Riven with 3 stats = 80% strength. Stance polarity has polarity, matches Seismic Palm and Gaia's Tragedy stances. S Tier - Prime Time The best of the best. It's been a lifesaver to my index finger. Recuerda dejar tu like y suscribirte si no lo estas, tambien comparte el video con tus amigos! :Dsigueme en twitter: https://twitter. 5 Forma Hirudo Build by Nathilion. Starting out as a semi-automatic rifle, achieving enough headshots will allow the player to temporarily transform it into a fully automatic rapid-fire heavy weapon with bonus Radiation damage. Los Hirudo son armas de puño Infestadas basadas en los Kogake, las cuales pueden robar vida de los enemigos al realizar golpes críticos. A custom variant that fires three shot bursts with a single pull of a trigger, or can alt-fire burst the remainder of the magazine. 83x animation speed Block Angle 50° Combo Duration 5. hirudo (accusative singular hirudon, . Overguard is a special health type that is neither health, shields, or armor, and as such does not take increased damage from Viral or Magnetic procs. When I'm using Hirudo's quick melee, I'm like By Benjaminsandro, December 31, 2016 in General Discussion. Warframe, Hirudo, Video Games, Galatine, Grineer transparent background PNG clipart. Resource farming is one of the essential parts of Warframe. Just because Hema and Hirudo are from the Biolab has no implication whether or not they were Orokin designed. The steel flag of Old War Railjack crews, the Pennant was invaluable in repelling boarders. It wounds like you're having trouble surviving, but you're doing enough damage. Landslide has a pitiful crit chance, and the Hirudo procs on a crit. Stance slot has polarity, matching Defiled Snapdragon and …. How to Build Garuda? : r/Warframe. Primary fire releases a flamethrower-like beam. Her Prime version has already surpassed all the originals stats except playtime. These projectiles are initially short-ranged, but grow in size and last longer as …. The Epitaph is Sevagoth's signature wrist-mounted sidearm. Furis pistols equipped in each hand. Weapons in WARFRAME obtain Affinity (experience points) when used in combat. Personally I find the Hirudo to be an excellent melee. There hasn't been an addition to the sparring category since the obex back in November of 2013. His normal and mutated forms were displayed, showing the ravenous, yet elegant. Pandero Prime was released alongside Octavia Prime and Tenora Prime. This weapon deals primarily Slash damage in its …. The game is currently in open beta on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Extractors are drones that collect Resources from a planet's surface, which allows for the automatic gathering of resources without the need for player control. In a TennoLive 2021 replay shown to Warframe players, his model was once again shown. Best Melee weapon + Build For Atlas Landslide. However, the increase in pellet count consumes extra ammunition. This weapon deals primarily Puncture damage on its primary fire and Blast damage on its Alternate Fire. Conclave:Hirudo Edit Infested Weapons COOPERATIVE (PvE) Hirudo Untradeable 📝 Update Infobox Data General Information Type Sparring Mastery Rank Requirement 7 Slot Melee Trigger Type N/A Utility Attack Speed 1. Or even 80% dmg 42% crit 42% crit dmg. The rest of the list I generally agree with. Gunblade ranged attacks function similarly to a shotgun, firing multiple limited range pellets simultaneously. This stacks with Brief Respite, which has the same effect. Bring a loot frame to a low level infested survival, and go as long as you can. The Talons are Tenno throwing bombs, functioning like throwing knives that stick to targets when thrown, dealing Blast damage in a small radius when manually detonated via Alternate Fire. It has larger damage, status chance and increased Projectile Speed compared to the other bows, as well as high critical chance, but takes longer to fully draw and cannot be released early for decreased …. Marked Targets are more likely to take critical hits. Polarizing the weapon increases its max rank by 2, capping at rank 40 after 5 …. Artemis is a deity from Ancient Greek mythology, most famous for being the goddess of the hunt. Succumb to the Infestation with the Nidus Warframe, Hema rifle, Hirudo fist-weapons, and the Thorac Syandana. The Cerata is an Infested Glaive that primarily deals Toxin damage on melee and thrown attacks. Hirudo leeches health on crits, so being immortal is pretty much expected especially with the tankier frames. In a time before the Bleed+Viral meta, when every enemy had some amount of armor and shielding, when every frame had several abilities that dealt flat damage with a 130% ceiling on Power Strength, when Excalibur still had Super Jump and even Rhino’s Roar had. Each enemy struck by landslide adds to the Melee Combo Counter. "In today's true crime documentary, we're covering the craziest interrogation you'll ever see. Blocking Combo is replaced by a Tactical Combo that slams the trident into the ground and pull it out to release a shower of Electricity. Titan Extractor blueprints can be purchased in the Market for 50,000 Credits 50,000. Armed with razors, they boast high critical chance at the expense of range and status chance. Explosion deals 250 damage when stuck to a surface. For the Hema and Hirudo, it refers to the origin. However, some slots are "polarized" with an innate Polarity. Redirection increases the Maximum Shield Capacity of a Warframe. Synoid Heliocor is the Syndicate variant of the Heliocor, unique to Cephalon Suda, sporting improved status chance and attack speed at the expense of critical chance. I have heard from different sources that people can get critical hits in pvp if they land headshots. Steal Heals - 4 Forma Hirudo build by vins - Updated for Warframe 33. The Obex isn't a fist weapon, it's a sparring weapon (different stance mods), but if you like them I suggest grabbing the Hirudo, they have decent stats and . ORGAN RIPPER! Hirudo review. which is better kogake prime or hirudo - Players helping Players - Warframe Forums. As many have already said, they are Infested in origin and thus cannot be primed. 5) 7 3 144,990 Rip into the enemy with fists of razor sharp cartilage. Can you please make it available for Hirudo or something. Advantages over other Melee weapons (excluding modular weapons): Normal Attack (wiki attack index 1) Above average crit …. So as much as i dislike not having vacuum, the Adarza kavat pairs nicely with Inaros and Hirudo. The Quellor is an ancient Dax assault rifle used by Railjack crew during the Old War. 0 (2019-10-31) Damage increased from 61 to 193. Hirudo and Exalted/abilities : r/Warframe. Korrudo: please restore its former glory. 【Warframe】ブルートの朝クバッ!第86回 「HIRUDO」 #Warframe …. Great synergy with all the health-losing frames and if you don't use melee too often. Each mod is malleable and unique, inspired by and meant for a single weapon. Performing a Heavy Attack will throw a copy of the polearm, which explodes shortly after impact. This weapon deals primarily Blast damage. These are just avg figures on a roll. Leeched so hard he became one/it? 1. Last time I checked the stance doesn't have many guaranteed procs, though its hard to check on mobile. Korrudo: please restore its former glory. The most basic type of all Extractors. Advantages over other Melee weapons (excluding modular weapons): Highest …. The majority of the Warframe's power set is based upon the Monkey King's lore. The Stug is an automatic Grineer pistol that fires Corrosive blobs that stick to surfaces and explode. com/promocode?code=MCGAMERCZSecond. The Tatsu is Revenant's signature Two-Handed Nikana, boasting high status …. Naramon - Dash/Bar (Utility, Misc. A quick Steel Path assasination run at Iliad, Phobos using Inaros Prime with Hirudo equipped. Steals health with each critical hit. It can be researched from the Tenno Lab in the dojo. Puncture Damage is one of the three physical damage types. Critical hits also grant the Invigorated buff, which increases max health. I recommend you keep rolling if your desired result is to use it to keep. The Tenno are lost, and they will resist. Warframe's first community-powered tier list, just click to cast your vote! WARFRAMES PRIMARY WEAPONS SECONDARY WEAPONS MELEE WEAPONS ARCHWING COMPANIONS. Here it is another episode of Conclave Life, with another Melee Regime on the way, and that melee is the sparring style gauntlets, Hirudo. The Alternate Fire bursts out all remaining rounds in …. Import builds directly from your Warframe account into Overframe with our exclusive Player Sync feature!. It lasts 6 seconds and stacks to a maximum of 5 times. This mod can be installed on Exalted Melee Weapons. Aeolak is a rifle repurposed by the Void's Thrax Legatus. The Caustacyst is an Infested scythe that deals Corrosive damage, and its heavy attacks create a trail of sludge that damages and staggers enemies who walk into it. It can no longer land headshots, and the weapon is no longer tradable; every clan can now research the Ignis Wraith and replicate its blueprint. Hirudo has PASSIVE STACKING life steal on crit. A healing blow in your face!. 100/300); Higher Armor (150 vs. Stance slot has polarity, matches Crimson Dervish, Swooping Falcon and Vengeful Revenant stances. I have also heard that there are no critical hits in pvp just bonus damage when landing headshots. Hirudo synergizes very well with Nidus' playstyle though. by MrNubber — last updated 2 years ago (Patch 30. ly/1zT6ogt• Twitter: http://bit. Disadvantages: Extremely low critical chance. Topic of todays video, a very big winner, and one with an incredibly useful. Stinger fires poisonous projectile darts at enemies in a similar manner to Acrid darts, dealing Toxin damage. They decided a long time ago that the stats and special effects of weapons would not affect Warframe abilities to prevent Warframes from being tied to a specific weapon. Warframe on Reddit: Order of release of new primes and ">r/Warframe on Reddit: Order of release of new primes and. Please direct all questions on this to User:Grunni. 623K subscribers in the Warframe community. For the Berserker Warframe, see Valkyr. Hirudo: General Use - 4 Forma Hirudo build by The-Simulacrum-Warriors - Updated for Warframe 30. Hirudo- when you just need health. Now we are not going to talk about Hirudo or the Life …. Hopefully this is the right place for this: I have a Hirudo whose stats do not reflect what they show up as in the actual in game market. It is usually found in quantities of 10 to 30. From gunblades to heavy blades, here are the best melee weapons players can currently use in Warframe. Hema is mastery rank 7 primary weapon is a bloodsucker rifle which forgoes ammo to leach health, restoring health with every headshot. Pick the right spot on the map. Also includes 3-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters, and the timed bundle-exclusive Bloodshed Sigil. Advantages over other Melee weapons (excluding modular weapons): Highest base damage of all rapiers. High Puncture damage – effective against health. Just remember, hit them until they die. Like its counterparts, it can also be hard to aim with because of its arrow-like arc projection. Just a hirudo guide, written in patch 21. Nidus is your best bet honestly. They can also be as detailed to the point where the guide leaves little for imagination or as simple as a mod. また、クリティカルヒットで敵の生気を奪って15秒間5%分最大ヘルスが増加し、5回. It has excellent critical stats and good status chance, has 90% Slash damage, but has low base damage. It's safe to say that with 15%/3. Unique Heavy Attack throws an Edun in an arc, dealing 480 physical damage on contact, …. The last attack of Bright Blaze does 25% bonus Impact damage. Ranking up weapons grants 100 Mastery Points per rank (for a total of 3,000 Mastery Points) to …. While holding the firing button, the Kohm will add an additional pellet to the following shot until it reaches a maximum of twelve pellets per shot, all while increasing its rate of fire. Overguard is not affected by Damage. 75x damage multiplier at 12x combo, or 4. Well, they did prime the Helios when it had lore about being designed by Alad V. Advantages over other Secondary weapons (excluding modular weapons): Normal Attack (wiki attack index 1) Above average reload speed (1. Infested Quarry (Infested Lich/Sister system). Augur Set: X% of energy spent is converted to shields. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy. This weapon deals primarily Puncture damage and has innate Heat …. This symbiotic burst-rifle leeches health to forge its ammo and then restores health with each headshot. アビリティ増強MOD「Despoil」を入れると、エネルギーを使わずにヘルスを使ってDesecrateするように強化する。. At least want to get this change whenever they release nidus prime acces. ・アビリティ効率を上げるとヘルスのコストが下がるため、 Fleeting Expertise や. 0 | Heavy Attack Efficiency: 78. Augur Message is a set mod that increases the Ability Duration of a Warframe. Honestly lore be damned, the devs can change their minds and prime whatever they want. Exergis is a Corpus shotgun that shatters a crystal into enemies, puncturing them with devastating Radiation shards. Advantages over other Melee weapons (excluding modular weapons): Normal Attack …. This weapon deals primarily Puncture . This is a short bow designed to lay down statuses and poison rather than deal damage. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. 3 Forma Hirudo Build by sakai4eva - Warframe Tier List - Hirudo - Overframe. Although it is pinpoint accurate and relatively quiet, its limited range means that players …. Hystrix Prime was released alongside Khora Prime and Dual Keres Prime. If you don't need the healing, then it's a low damage and low range weapon with no real upside. Price: 85 platinum | Trading Volume: 47 | Get the best trading offers and prices for Kogake Prime Set. 4) Cross Platform Play IS LIVE! 5) Echoes of Duviri is Live. Advantages over other Primary weapons (excluding modular weapons): Full-auto …. Hirudo Rip into the enemy with fists of razor sharp cartilage. The Quatz is a Grineer quad-barreled sidearm that fires Electricity bullets with a high fire rate and deadly accuracy, alternating between automatic shots from hip-fire with high status chance or a four-round simultaneous burst from aimed fire with increased critical chance and critical multiplier. Can you solo "Thermia Fractures" as a new player? : r/Warframe. This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Related Topics Warframe Third-person shooter Shooter game Gaming comments sorted by Best r/Warframe • Yesterday my friend and I were opening relics and stumbled upon our hero. Sacrificial Steel is the Umbra variant of True Steel, increasing melee critical chance and damage to Sentients. This weapon can be sold for 5,000 Credits 5,000. Maximizing crit chance and crit damage to abuse a "hidden" passive: Critical hits heal the user by 5% of the damage dealt. This weapon deals primarily Slash …. The Hirudo are Infested sparring weapons derived from the Kogake which can steal health from enemies on hits. Mark your targets and then unleash a barrage of bullets, the Buzlok's homing rounds always find the enemy. This weapon deals primarily Slash damage Stance slot has polarity, matching Shimmering Blight stance. This weapon deals primarily Slash damage. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Innate multishot of 12 pellets. Stance slot has polarity, matching Crushing Ruin stance. The Lato is a standard issue pistol for new Tenno recruits. Warframe (pt-BR) | Inaros + Hirudo - Conhecendo a imortalidade!Thukdun na area trazendo o combo Inaros + Hirudo!Curtiu?Inscreva-se no canal e seja um abroba!. 本维基使用灰机wiki提供的免费Mediawiki平台,站点内所涉及的公司名称、商标、产品等均为其各自所有者的资产,仅供识别。站点内使用的游戏图片,其版权为Digital Extremes所有。本维基中提供的资料为多种来源的汇总整理。. Sobek is a rapid-firing Grineer shotgun that has reduced damage per shot but boasts extra large clip capacity. 6% Critical Chance stacks with Combo Multiplier. Wtb hirudo riven for max 300plat. The Nepheri are the signature Dual Daggers of Archon Amar. In order of strength with minimal investment: Dual Ichor > Lesion = Keratinos > Pulmonars > Hirudo. Hirudo Blueprint Purchased from Market for 15,000 credits Popular Hirudo Mods 14 Blood Rush ★★★★★★★★★★ 9 Organ Shatter ★★★★★ 16 Sacrificial Steel ★★★★★★★★★★ 9 Gladiator Might ★★★★★ 9 Berserker Fury ★★★★★ 16 Primed Fever Strike ★★★★★★★★★★ 14. Can be equipped on: denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity Sourced from official drop table repository. It is highly effective against Grineer armor and Corpus Robotics, but suffers against Corpus Shields. They will learn its simple truth. See Category:Equinox Prime Guides to read user-made guides on how to play this Warframe. This weapon can be sold for 5,000 Credits 5,000; it is a requisite ingredient for Tipedo and Cadus. August 27th, 2021 by Elliott Gatica. Specular, Roughness and Diffuse are not included, but you are expected to make your own. Might break you off the Hirudo on non-healer frames.